”Gayle Spurling” –

28 Sep

Warning: Nigerian (419) SCAM

Scammer’s  (fake) information:

X-Originating-IP: [] and [] (I don’t know why there are two x-originating-IPs, normally it sayings ”recieved” for any other IP’s that scammers try to ”trick” with. But if you see any of these IP’s being used, STAY AWAY!)

Name/Email: Gayle Spurling

(Fake) Law firm infomation: Scammer ” Donald Stephen LLB (HONS) ‘
Email: – +447768155684
Second Fake ”law firm” –
Wanger Group – Aeulestrasse 45 – Vaduz Furstentum FL -9490 Liechtenstein – 423 2375252 – Markus Wanger – Email:



From: Gayle Spurling <> Subject: Hi Good Morning To: Date: Saturday, September 15, 2012, 3:34 AM

Greetings to you.
I must say sorry for interfering into your privacy without seeking for permission. It’s because of the urgency of this matter. My name is Gayle Spurling, I work with the USB bank and Currently A Director of Finance Auditing and Accounting Unit in UBS Bank Switzerland.
I have decided to contact you for a mutual beneficial transaction with 100% risk free. I got your email address from my old school friend from your country on my search for a reputable and reliable person to help me claim the sum of US$55.3 MILLION UNITED STATES DOLLARS, deposited in my Bank.
In April 2006, Lu Yunpeng, a multimillionaire and president of Henan-based Yunpeng Cultural Development Co Ltd China moved some cash to my bank from Europe.
The fund arrived during the time Lu Yunpeng was been tried for murder in China . As his account officer he instructed that I should put a hold on the fund that was supposed to go to China pending on the outcome of his trial.
In May 2006 he was sentenced to death and the fund remained unclaimed till date. As his account officer I was aware that nobody knows about this fund movement except his cousin who was also sentenced to death with him.
Please click the following link for your own perusal: (I wouldn’t trust clicking it, lol.)
I want to utilize this opportunity and make use of this fund by transferring the money to you for investment in your country. I want us to work as partners. Please reply back and tell me your opinion. You are my first contact. I shall wait for days and if I do not hear from you, I shall look for another person. Please make it confidential to yourself alone. Thanks and best regards.
Gayle Spurling.
Second email below (after a phony response from myself to keep him going.)
Attn: Sir Kenneth
Thanks for your response and interest to work with me as partner in this business deal.
Please tell me the area of investment that will be most profitable for both of us in your country.
I would request that you keep respect the content of this email confidential and the integrity of the information you come by as a result of this email. I contacted you independently.
By the way, i know that this is not a reliable media to discuss business of this magnitude but permit me to ask a few questions:
1. What is your full name?
2. How old are you?
3. Do you have a criminal record?
4. Do you have any business experience? And if yes, in what field?
5. Are you married?
6. Do you have children?
I ask the above questions because my funds proposal with you is very important as well as profitable and I would prefer to deal with someone who has a reasonable level of stability in life. There is a substantial amount of money involved and I have to be careful not to make mistakes.
I will also need this information from you:
1. Home or Office address:
2. Scan Copy of your identity card or international passport
This information’s will help me Prepare a memorandum of understanding, so that both of us can sign it.
I wait to hear from you.
Best Regards
Gayle Spurling
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One response to “”Gayle Spurling” –

  1. ScammersExposed

    09/28/2012 at 08:31

    Gayle Spurling’s IP Address: []
    When doing a IP check, many scam warnings pop up. ”Gayle Spurling” is also pretending to be ”Laura Tim” aka, a female romance scammer. Someone posted on another romance site, the email below:

    IP address =
    Host name: Country: United States B Class: – Region: WA City: Redmond Latitude: 47.6801 Longitude: -122.1206

    e-mail header =

    Received: from ( [])
    by (Internet Inbound) with ESMTP id F20CF38000081
    for ; Fri, 9 Mar 2012 23:28:03 -0500 (EST)
    Received: from SNT126-W50 ([]) by with Microsoft SMTPSVC(6.0.3790.4675);
    Fri, 9 Mar 2012 20:27:59 -0800
    Content-Type: multipart/mixed;
    X-Originating-IP: []
    From: lora tim

    e-mail contents =

    Good day to you over there, how is everything going with you there? ,hope things are moving greatly with you and your family,anyway i just decide to write to you back, I have a lot to say to you in this my mail which i hope you dont run away from me.It will be good to know you better and i want to share some word about my self with you.I am Lora Tim 31yrs old single and looking for serious relationship that can lead to marriage.I am an Orphan was born in Miami Fl,I left the Miami FL when a woman from Vancouver WA Adopted me and was taken to west African Nigeria, I have been here since i was nine years old,I hope distance is not a problem cos i am ready to relocate to the right man Presently i work in Nigeria in a charity home around my house i mean motherless home I am tired of staying lonely and looking for the man who will make me feel safe complete and comfortable in arms and would like to know if u have ever tried along distance relationship and would like to know the girl which u tried that with,I have really been through a lot in my past,I am looking for a man i can trust I Will like to relocate with the man i can trust with all my heart and fall in love with,I work as cleaner in a charity home here in Nigeria,My education level is high school and would like to study more my personality trait are,Friendly Kind,Intellectual,Sensitive nurturing Loving,Romantic,Self Confident,Serious,Responsible.Humble and Decent My favorite activities are Cooking,Entertaining,Home Improvement,Decorating,Playing and Listening to Music like,R&b,Gospel,Blues,Jazz,Reggae,Classical Music and Rock&Roll,like Playing Pool,Golf,Watching Movies,Tv,Shows,Political Trails,Go Charity Events,Musuem Centres,And Traveling Weekend Trips camping,going to cinema,going to beach,and reading,I have really been through a lot in my past,since this incident had happened life seems very miserable to me and Life has thought me many things. Now i am trying to relocate to find my soulmate.I didn’t hope i was going to find my soulmate on the dating site but just when i thought i should quit then you came with a sincerity word. I hope you are an honest man because the most important characteristics to me are compatibility and friendship.I’d like to find someone who’s open, honest and easy going. A sense of humour is a big plus.I am looking for a honest,loving caring,open minded loyal,kind hearted,considerate,understanding,polite,decent,humble,trust worthy and down earth to every one in life and generous laugh with any one to make people happy and lifely that will not be double dating a soul mate so he won’t cheat on me,I am not a lady that is after riches,nor wealth i am wanting a True Love and to be treated the same way i will be treating my Man i will appreciate people who are always nice and honest with their woman.I wish we both have a wonderful and pleasant journey of friendship that has no end.well i believe friendship is all about knowing each other better,so if you would’nt mind could you tell me about your past love life.I will like to know becos i will know how to take care of you i will like to hear from you ,get to know you better, your hobbies and what you do for living,I will like you to send me your pic.but i always believe that, that is the way god wanted it because we are nothing but a pencil in the hand of the creator. I will stop here for now till when i would reading from you again, remember even we are not lovers we can always remain best of friends, bye for now.
    Hope to read from you soonest.

    with love,
    Lora Tim


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