Job Scam “Annalisa” A.k.a ” Barrister Bernard OBI ” A.k.a ” Kembo009 ”

29 Sep
Lol, I guess Annalisa didn’t like me telling her to get a real job. She sent me another email today, under the address: with a fake job posting. Be careful however, she had it look like ”craigslist” was sending the email ( ) but she doesn’t realize that i’m smarter then her and can trace her down on any email she attempts to contact me on. Plus the reply email was the kelmo email I provided above. – kelmo009
Name: Annalisa aka Barrister Bernard OBI aka”Craigslist”
Email: (analonzo090) aka aka – The same weasel, different day, different type of scam.
IP: (Google IP address showed me this scammer also goes by the name ” Barrister Bernard obi ” using the email and this Nigerian scammer is pretending to be a personal attorney who looking for a ”partner” for funds valued at $4,500,000 (USD)
We got your resume and email from CRAIGSLIST and we’ll like to offer you a Job with our Company after thorough review of your resume.
PRUDENT POLLS LLC is a well established Evaluating Firm, Our Primary Business is to provide exceptional Customer Service Evaluation. Our company is solely responsible for hiring survey agents and recommending them to our Clients. The clients are companies that have a wide network of businesses across America, most of our clients have retail outlet in major cities across America. What your job (Survey Agent’s Position) entails is to conduct surveys at any of our client’s retail outlet assigned to you. you will be patronizing their business and conducting a survey at the same time which mostly is in regards to the customer relationship their staffs offer.
We will therefore like to offer you the job position as a survey Agent to conduct customer service surveys in your area.
Your Job will involve you providing feedback to us about the customer experience at any client’s locations. Companies use this survey for many reasons. During a typical survey session, you will make observations at a specific store/office, restaurant, or other type of location, while acting like an average customer.
A typical survey report will include
1) How long it took you to get services. 2) Smartness of the attendant 3) Customer service professionalism
Most companies employ our expertise when people give complaints about their services, or when they feel there are needs for them to improve their customer service. Your Identity would be kept confidential as a safety measure. You will receive $400 on each survey you conduct at any time for any of our clients, and with the number of clients we currently work with, you could be conducting as much as 5-10 surveys weekly, which will earn you between $1200-$2400 weekly. That means you can earn about $78,000/year doing part time.
Our clients include:
McDonalds Starbucks Dunkin’ Donuts Washington Mutual ACME Check Cashing Chase Financial Walmart MoneyGram America Victoria’s Secret Dell America Western Union America FTD Florists
No commitment is involved, no start up fees, no paper works, and you would have flexible working hours.
If you are interested, email me your full name, address and phone number, so that we can add your mailing address to our Regional database.
First name. Last name. Address ….(No P.O Box) City, State, Zip Code Cell phone Only.
Once we receive this information and confirm your interest, we will introduce you to our clients immediately.
A swift acknowledgment of this email will be appreciated.Warm Regards,

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2 responses to “Job Scam “Annalisa” A.k.a ” Barrister Bernard OBI ” A.k.a ” Kembo009 ”

  1. Gary

    11/02/2012 at 01:16

    Got the same offer and a check arrived today for my first assignment. Should I maybe turn it over to the FBI for investigation?

  2. Exposed

    11/05/2012 at 19:47

    Hi Gary,

    Yes, some people will just shred up the fake check, but giving it to authorities is always the best thing to do. Whatever you do, don’t cash it no matter how much the scammer tries to blackmail/threaten you, and they will.

    They will harass you by email (or phone) and pretend to be authorities and threaten you with legal action if you don’t send money back. It’s all a ruse, just a young, broke, Nigerian hustler sitting in an internet cafe trying to scam people out of their hard earned money.


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