”Secret Shoppers SCAM – ”Mr. John Peters”

03 Oct

Scammer’s Details:

Name: Mr John Peters Email Address: IP Address: – Recieved from: [] and []

Subject: ATTN: Read and act fast

From: Shoppers Results

EMAIL: (This is the second or third email from the scammer. I’m just baiting him. I didn’t really send information and made up a address. His other email’s are somewhere in my filtered (made-up) folder. I’ll add once I find them.)

This is MR. John Peters from the secret shoppers , would like you to please confirm the receipt of the package on 1st survey assignment .. The package got delivered by FEDEX to the name and address you provided us ..  Would also like to know when you will be able to get the survey completed via WESTERN UNION as the instruction in the package indicates ..                                           You can call or leave a Message on  310-742-6596 .TEXT MESSAGE: (213) 537-3204 PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU EMAIL DETAILS ON : Regards, JOHN PETERS Secret Shopper®


Return-Path:   <>
Received-SPF:   none (domain of does not designate permitted sender hosts)
X-YMailISG:   Hch7n2sWLDsbCSFrUUjIMKaanwR8XkUdXoj2aZ02nwt7laVr pSz8yZ47NBAAundifXkm6WLqfy2Nh94OxvTX.ITJpANZjWUAT0UHbpXmH9Mc 38mh7L5mPFKjdVIeGv89Ntd.H_fjDJ2RI_FVH1_364QRml4YBYnY_j9NwC1V VU9TW.3WIdLVt6KbCaMH1uzWIJY809FDmNTDp1P2gpmuqfKu5wHt6U75tKUz qCc5Dsowsw6ZFhIQjkBagotCpVqhiOX5hIUZy2kt8riNV03sI3TD54VglUkC LRR9HSReA4rvzG1lv3H8Du39jdlwvB1pcxwp4x2phygzZE3TVg48tWgZ4GAF jZNPFuQrmntpo9Hg8MS_LF_SAeoYh6E.Ewlwg4h3lsWX0NP1_2jFatcmljER YUVd74.FU5PN3ccwIhMyDZhy6Fg__zpiI0zjb24Fb5bbXx.ouvSidplfl7Ly Ru82wJuqGywC34lZLH2iWdm2ubQLsnugU1lIwLw1VDfKqGnugIvmVfPUeVg. dZn9OX16T9CpyTmAXqtT350pRQsDn8sEzKN2wGkFv59aTM.bCkvHxRkazZph 8ktsdnV_OPwWSnnKDJxHw9xcJjUgJIjEUgDHeM40aj8CjNddlRDEYi0W1Kvl ndcJMN8mPDrDO6qXtPCiXm6KIHRFyWFnaBJKdLA3yGbIYLgnxAkLa4cRAuSO CMDtwAj1NEczo0tSCraPH1BAdfp0tqSYr3WUHBmIf0CVvMtBmWVR6a6eHt6M SHsHgVRr.MJubu.Zcw3s7UagB_kVJwdyS5lWjm7NJynTNFtZ__pwhCaTPt6q uk1YH4uzpuku4nqK2bZY7IxganwSaNFTawmfhy8Au.p6htFOnqLNpRGILI4Q aBxEV9UdqeQiAzT4xn04MG.nkavwMG402WcKnbaKSLfJBNkrwkYpMBkWWlb4 b_p8f3LTKWl.ogqeEf7EGj..YBqqv16W8AE9a0mKM9r_KLN7_oKf2PlYrwx5 6ZIyp_XuJrUv0SroVYhrb7iNUDG1weBqX22hR_tmmBH5LRNh_Mioc41pVTQp esacBNia1ZzaWAOuCNi0n6j.PcBetEf..xNhyVuOYXQa4T.lAOLnhN3Yf1Wc tYysZMmZrgVF5RggBkgAUyEGCYiqa2XAHP7qfRA12NioCOnz8.mZZv3vhk8D vT8B.v155PN6.qSGj8RmmumAr.YH3jJN4iH52RRlnlQog_mlUhQaCwVBXDVZ k99I6X7.90pKYASkAHqFWs3vmxJIPDRkxvNeDWN9.4J23ZvzWF5obCdE
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11 responses to “”Secret Shoppers SCAM – ”Mr. John Peters”

  1. M.L.

    10/10/2012 at 12:38

    How does this scam work? I received two Postal Money Orders via FedEx and have been asked to cash them at my back, taking my compensation from it, then wire the rest to another address. Will my bank info be used? Do they have to be cashed at a bank? Did I fall for a major scam. I am supposed to survey Western Union… is this a big mistake???

  2. ExposedTruth

    10/12/2012 at 06:39

    DONT CASH THE CHECK OR SEND ANY CASH! ‘Mr John Peters’ is a Nigerian Scammer who tried getting me to cash checks as well. What happens is, you cash the fake check, it will clear until several days later when the bank realizes the check was fake and you will be responsible for paying back while your scammer walks away with the money. Scammers always ask their (potential) victims to send threw Western Union or Money Gram because there is no protection and anyone can walk in with the ‘secret word’ and number. You will never see your money again and police will come after you, not the scammer. These scams happen every day by these Nigerian low-lifes! Be careful!

    • Jane

      10/24/2012 at 13:09

      Thank you so much!!!! I just received a FedEx package from Mr. John Peters asking me to cash the money order and then Western Union the money (minus my $100 commission) to someone else. I’m so happy I saw this posted (and was smart enough to look this up before doing it). If it feel “to good to be true”, then it always is!!!

      • Jane E

        11/15/2012 at 18:10

        I should have looked at this befor I fell for this. Went to PLS to do Western Union thing when they told me that the money order was a FACK. Boy was I pissed. Jane Nov.15,12

  3. DiscoveredTruth

    10/24/2012 at 18:46

    I’m so happy you seen this as well!! This thread has gotten more views then any other post i’ve put up so this scammer is definitely putting in alot of hours trying to scam multiple people. Now just be prepared for ”John Peters” to harress you for money. Scammers don’t give up right away. He might even threaten you and email you *or call you if you’ve given him your phone-number.) He might message you under another address pretending to be FBI or Police, but don’t believe a word he says. He’s just a Nigerian scammer in his twenties, sitting in an internet cafe trying to scam good people out of their hard earned money.

    • Janet

      12/14/2012 at 16:33

      Just got my check today, thanks for the information! I’m married to a cop and he had a fit!

      • DiscoveredTruth

        12/16/2012 at 01:13

        You’re welcome and I am very happy you followed your instinct and came across this post! The scammer’s might harress and even threaten you but ignore them. They’re cowards and will only try and scare you into giving them money.

  4. Shannon

    12/17/2012 at 13:32

    I just read this and thank you so much for posting this with the phone numbers! I received a ‘money order’ made out to me in the amount of $2900.00 and the letter with it wanted me to cash it at my bank and keep 300.00 for my commission then western union 2600 to the Phillipines! I’m worried now because they had me sign for this check and obviously know my address, what do I do now?

    • Shannon

      12/17/2012 at 13:35

      How did you find out that this is a fraud?

    • DiscoveredTruth

      12/17/2012 at 17:56

      I’m very glad you seen this in time! And don’t you worry about them having your address. They’re cowards who will pester and threaten you threw emails but it’s all a scare tactic to try to get your hard earned money. The scammer is most likely a 20 year old Nigerian in Africa who has never left that Country. They will eventually leave you alone when they realize you’re not giving in. Mr. John Peters is a very persistent scammer who has been spamming my spam filter for months under various IP’s and email addresses. What would have happened is, you would have went to the bank, the check would have cleared, you would have sent them YOUR money, and in a week or two the bank would realize the check was a fake and you would be stuck with the bill and the scammer would be at another internet cafe in South Africa working on his next victim. Never send money through Western Union or Money Gram to unknown people. It will ALWAYS be a scammer. A legitimate request wouldn’t send a large amount of money to someone they don’t no. Scammers make it very convincing.

  5. RIZZO

    02/04/2013 at 13:11



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