14 Oct

WARNING: Scammer/Phishing/Hacker (does multiple)

Name: Reverend John (notice on the title of this post he spelt his fake name  ”Reverend.John” (notice the dot inbetween his name? Alot of scammers and/or hackers will do things like that to try and hide it from popping up in search engines. Which is why I always put their fake name and info under ”tags” so if someone google’s it, it WILL pop up.)

Email Recieved: revjjohnnaruthurrev(at) Reply-To-Email: foundationnewlifeorphanage(at)

Subject line: Re:Can I trust you???


Read my email attached file and get back to me for further details.
He had an attached file he wanted me to click and read as well. It was titled ”In Memory Of Mr. Walter”
Return-Path:   <>
Received-SPF:   softfail (transitioning domain of does not designate as permitted sender)
X-YMailISG:   dEdHJhEWLDuC2e.Xtb0K9ZmXRNLMOO22jqgey1L5JwqV9Q4K 6zIJ.P.U6mJJK2OTb4dKGVBRKPLE.QaE6tJobFdQPMFBwLq1_7zgSDGqGxx1 eF1R_OedtIA_YpVUvLofO6CfEw_Jhv8JW.AY6kqu5xWb2LHQyIoK_O6C6Fkk XkgbP6QTf7hYjEr0PdecwYQMT55WWqlgm.9HDsI_SLAyiQfCE3u3.IwnEzxG Y6QdxCNfjFRq.C.1qWJz8Im8s3SVWFp780yTd9vBLJezOOY2fZots6pgNOJt XnghUM9LRCuZnI4H7XpHjUlD1qJR2FDp0BD6zRRzi75jS08EPGf7Gncs.AtH 6ReBw7V.F08CwAalCRt3EP1LSFmaqF14bpFHcfcRBnNgUtoH0lccwFN7_IGw BPYfRE7ROx0GHea._kMczW.U7Fp_N6sEgNSJr.P5dVqZUmQTJAEopmX6j6fk H_uezYA2FjD2fUWz295btjSLW2V0zsQy2YVc4xaBNqHglUJ.FPSoa6tTZFbt UwVE7aCFq5ZuVUIFUOKE2MR07L2ZVGFF9fZlELaBkPM3OxzNv6_AKfeolNzk K7vhk73bJEj.ClAO0jkHNplTu3ZXY3fe.bpavXTRQb0bCN4.zFcTfiRteu51 i3cbopZfrpt4waIDefKF4LjMLM.CTPSYPKYYQHF.SLo7a.EajmzSs6Vgc_Db 2_G6ZRTwLEyFPeWl4STjKfkGDGnZy6cPDXHAxOi4rWP6UYnLrabGF3GT4n1R _TfGM_uGue14bLjd3pCAIHDPmDCN2.fLiPPA24RVMvLjw6.7af9oOEPZ26HT wrLSnxXXsxggYf8dwDIQ3WLUc3v8r1IRA_YGHVDAuqgBB.7zLNE2rjbMuCD2 .gSAaPOBrbxKDfQ2cdMN7BcgOATfJrKSRH9CXPFNm3Hnt8VLRmN9Couq86IA 2pPPHfm01IcTYpB299r0Ok3TD7bbNXVs2i5Ue6Tsfiqi9SMGQEDW1EZ34.qt qNQp_4rO_cbRG5sni.B5J9luDRMEVcKQQLVd_0r4dKbinY_vypP0ZGMYjuK_ 9Rd3EHj5hY2dXfnybq3Ma5fZ_yEvCudppgURC5iDlhmMq6UvBkfBYDu2Eogo 6TSYtvWZ.LRd0yJQ8avnLOTHwpAILyWrgOYjWaH6lrT8pWAKw6coiEQTILcl j.qvxcUewnVCqSosWUNvr9p.oPQMwe1pR3Xxp..M5SdywlvjF_.gsbBnCL11 wJkxjhzdFSgRUNl1CbeucnaeJ0Xta56IC.5WhaslLN3kyJPCiho-
X-Originating-IP:   []
Authentication-Results:; domainkeys=neutral (no sig);; dkim=neutral (no sig)
Received:   from (EHLO localhost.localdomain) ( by with SMTP; Tue, 09 Oct 2012 16:19:56 -0700
Received:   (qmail 18336 invoked from network); 3 Oct 2012 21:24:42 +0200
Received:   from (HELO User) ( by with SMTP; 3 Oct 2012 21:24:41 +0200
Reply-To:   <>
Subject:   Re:Can i Trust You???
Date:   Wed, 3 Oct 2012 14:24:06 -0700
MIME-Version:   1.0
Content-Type:   multipart/mixed; boundary=”—-=_NextPart_000_00F0_01C2A9A6.31A5B62C”
X-Priority:   3
X-MSMail-Priority:   Normal
X-Mailer:   Microsoft Outlook Express 6.00.2600.0000
X-MimeOLE:   Produced By Microsoft MimeOLE V6.00.2600.0000
Content-Length:   4399
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