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“Mr.Stephen cool” <>
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Surprise to hear from us this Message is from Federal Ministry of Finance Benin, This is to let you know that After the board meeting held at our headquarters today, We have finally concluded with Bank of Africa Benin to release your Inheritance payment ATM CARD $4.5 Million to you because you can not be able to withdraw the ATM card due to the ATM master card contain large money on it.

Now the payment made through Western Union New Branch Office today, total payment you are going to be receive each day is $5000.00 until they send it Completed.
First Payment has been send:

MTCN 4032701427

NOTE; this payment was directed to be made available in your name but you have to re-new your Payment file with $128.00 as to enable them purchasing of your transfer file to prevent illegal transfer before you pick it up..

I told him to keep sending you $5000.00 daily until the payment of $4.5 Million is completed, again re-confirm your address to them by avoid sending it to wrong person so that they will be sure;
Receiver’s Name…
Receiver’s Address..
Your Country…
Tell Number…
Please, contact: Dr. kevin jarry to the below E-mail and make sure you call him to give you Sender Name & Question and Answer to pick up your First Payment OK and let me know when you confirm it all.
Dr kevin jarry.
western union department
Africa Bank Benin,
Tel Phone: +22999454069
Mr Stephen cool

Name & Email Address – Mr Stephen cool <> <>

IP: ( ) Location: Benin – Littoral – Cotonou – NIGERIA ( BJ )

Inetnum: — Parent: – ADMIN: AA72-AFRINIC <> ADJIBOLA Abdoul-Akim – 2-2921314990 – –

Image – Pretending to be Anne Fong in a Nigerian ( Romance ) Scam

Email sent by Anne Fong – Dear Mr. xxxxxx,

I apologize for this intrusion. My name is Anne Fongnikin as I said and am the Head Co-coordinator in charge of Amnesty Group in Benin Republic. Contacting you is so necessary as I need you to do something important for me. It will seem a bit strange as you do not know me and I do not know you. I suffer from brain cancer which is in phase terminal. My doctor just informed me that my days are numbered because of my health dégradé because I have been diagonalized for more than 4 years. I am a widower and childless.

I would like to donate my property. I do not know in what field of work you perform but I want to help you help others. I have the sum of U.S. $3,500,000 USD ( Three million five hundreds thousand dollars) at North Carolina National Bank I beg you to accept this amount as it may well be very helpful without asking for anything in return. Please contact me as soon as possible if you agree to my offer directly through because that is what I intend to complete within the very shortest time

I’m suffering a lot from this sickness and I am very afraid. Also, I can hardly sleep at night and same for me during the day because I do not want to die without having donated all the money otherwise I think it would be a mess.
Thank you

Ann Fongnikin


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