Dominic Fred

02 Dec


Hello my good friend

i,m glad so much for your urgent respond to my email. thank you for your concern  as i told you  in my first proposal that  this transaction is not adventure deal is 100% risk free. you know before contacted you on my first email before i emailed you i had some fasting and prayer before God reviewed you to me and now i choose to work with you as i told you if this work out  both of us are going to benefit from it due to my position as a manager i can not do it by my self that is why i need your assistance. so that after the end of this transaction we all are going  have radiant life trust me . 

  i have already has this sign from God that if i work with you that all will be fine that is why i will do this with you .
so my dear friend  . now since  you have agreed with my  percentage  all will be fine and will shall  smile at the end of this transaction so now  we will go straight  this transaction so before  7 working days all will be done if you can only comply with the bank which i will be here to help to make sure that all is done .
The most important thing  now between me and you  is to work with open mind and with sincerity so that we can build a good family relationship and partnership and everything will be confidential between us. and we must avoid any betrayal after you have  transfer the  money to  your account.
 I will present you to the bank as foreign partner with all needed information’s and you will be in charged to secure the money in your country as the beneficiary once you proceed with the bank for the release of the money.
Please send me the following:  
1. Your full name
2. Your house or work address,
3. Your account number
4. Your occupation
5. Your International Passport or any ID Card.  
I will send you all information’s, like documents of deposit slip  on your name . so that it will aneble you  to open  communication  with the bank to proceed with them immediately for the money to be  release,
I wait for your reply, May God protect all of us to meet in the nearest future.  Please I will like you to start making plans to come down here so that we can go to the bank together for the claims though the bank is into international directly transfers abroad and they can make transfer to your bank account to your country from what they told me! But I will prefer you to come here and we see face to face and go to the bank together for the release of the money to your bank account and we go to your country together.
I waiting your quick reply
Yours sincerely,
Dr. Dominic Fred


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Subject: i wait for your positive reply
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