19 Dec


UPDATE: Below the first email and header is another email and header from the same scammer.


SUBJECT: Dearest in christ

EMAIL: Dearest in christ

God will grant you the willingness and interest to digest this humble narrations though it might be so surprise and strange to believe my story but I knew by the reason of the almighty you will humbly understood and accept to proceed with my proposal though we have not met or seen each other before. I am Mrs. Mary a widow to Mr. Thomas who was a competent business man here in Ouagadougou Burkina-Faso, we were married for many years without any child till his death in October 2005 after a brief illness. Due to the promise which I revered to him on the alter at the day of our church wedding I decided not to remarry or get a child outside my matrimonial home which is against the holy bible.
My happiness is that my late husband lived a life of a true & worthy Christian and he has this plan before his death which he pleaded with me to appropriate it to accomplishment. He took this decision with me to use this fund in building an orphanage in his name that will accommodate thousands of children, and also to use part of this fund in helping the less fortunate and to spread the gospel of the lord to the remote places of the world. He made this deposit of the sum of 5.9 Million dollars in a Finance Security Company here in Ouagadougou Burkina-Faso. Recently, my Doctor told me that I would not last for the next 3 weeks due to cancer & stroke illness.
Having known my condition I decided to seek for a competent and reliable individual, organization, company, NGOs or churches to entrust this fund to utilize this fund the way I narrated above as my late husband desired. The Bible made us to understand that «Blessed is the hand that gives”. I took this decision because I don’t have any child that will inherit this money and my late husband’s relatives are not Christians and I don’t want my late husband’s efforts to be used by unbelievers. I don’t want a situation where this money will be used in an ungodly way. This is why I am taking this decision. I am not afraid of death hence I know where i am going. I don’t need any telephone communication in this regard because of my health hence the presences of my husband’s relatives are around me always. I don’t want them to know about this development.
As soon as I receive your reply I shall give you the relevant Information’s that will legalize you to have access over this fund. I will also issue an Authorization to the Finance Security Company that will prove you the present beneficiary of this fund. I want you to always pray for me because the lord is my shepherd. My happiness is that I and my late husband lived a life of a worthy Christian. Whoever that wants to serve the Lord must serve him in spirit and Truth. Please always be prayerful all through your life and pray to God to forgive me my sins. Contact me Immediately, any delay in your reply will give me room in sourcing for another cooperate individual that is honest, trustworthy and very conscious of needs of less fortunate. Who would be much honored to work for humanity for this same purpose?
Please assure me that you will act accordingly as I stated herein. Hoping to receive your reply.
Yours Sister in Christ,
Mrs.mary Thomas


Return-Path: <>
Received-SPF: pass (domain of designates as permitted sender) ZSB3aWxsaW5nbmVzcyBhbmQgaW50ZXJlc3QgdG8gZGlnZXN0IHRoaXMgaHVt YmxlIG5hcnJhdGlvbnMgdGhvdWdoIGl0IG1pZ2h0IGJlIHNvIHN1cnByaXNl IGFuZCBzdHJhbmdlIHRvIGJlbGlldmUgbXkgc3RvcnkgYnV0IEkga25ldyBi eSB0aGUgcmVhc29uIG9mIHRoZSBhbG1pZ2h0eSB5b3Ugd2lsbCBodW1ibHkg dW5kZXJzdG9vZCBhbmQgYWNjZXB0IHRvIHByb2NlZWQgd2l0aAEwAQEBAQN0 ZXh0L3BsYWluAwMwAgN0ZXh0L2h0bWwDAzQ-
X-YMailISG: aaqZ7XcWLDuRD0EjImOTXLhyRygyyT.oGMLEvS0QW24rPDiI HCbwBn82gVgKml94HAeinBsQkzRKD1Nouz2tWaqKKxhKdoFDIviPnxG4Mu.c wJzWvmN51zrYnBV3dbxFNUuy8vKXPGALnSXUqjfm0FoJil8NpsgE2Y5dmHu5 ngCgPKqh0lvu2tFJi9O8rPkNJ.CDJt_E_YwLdIWSAX5cKvPqPUfdXJhNCkSz c5vLLLV_9TfujHlxrSoBmGNngVhdqFsGkJxTyTUjlDE1GSA7bXWXEdBXHye8 nzXNUBs77YkiNzJbcmBRWaFvnBxS7a8myNiZ_Ux4i29OLy1DTeUT.JBjb93G DrDERVbUA8_Gm60daiMFXr8Xo6mBYDVMTC.OQ6sWsr6KalwMEZQm0bgEtxEi knsRuVaB60m4S7gel_NQHXQ2YDYn_SzYwxX.CqOxLR6UozzfvV1Ml6sgDAPg YSGYBLoNO8w2Q0WSwibW9dGvo64.MaASd9W0fFjq7kMZU9Jp9t72NDTwjpbe jVGfCt20d9y9TUt3bZRosQqQ1v7ZPlYtKW5MV_WgTVSAzIOmDqO.FkgGyeRe UwyPEUuMq3XyI_L1uQj4ZM2YXF8dtItdA7ZWhVtWrEQiqlsupxICQmIFvPPd tkIBtN3._pRRCG7eCTOWIC5cdYeRHhO6jWpLPFm1yEc1wG0QwQLNos.J8.uC 2HLycx2DXKF0vs3IewiggqSsKxqEaK5BjiiqZbQJvhlHka8vfHM8CK1KUWVu k3lNsDhm4JJnoBgP192m0diN12yy5czzSRj.rUFXri4YbH6BQgTuK4AqdyPn Cm_05O7EVLy.OOAu7cHaWMU1cBxH4YNWxvFl9A09.0BmskxM2iPe9sNc2yEO tJLrsbnXr1zj2s29VaSL.gTjMAq_wqx3hVbw8JBBxcmN3S8_9bYRWvDX8ZP5 5OLdLZrLUZcFV5RoculdAb54ukz2l1xCECCaSRA.FVjDKdhcC8RXCeewM1Zu lMQc1xwgCyFuB.hp6XCv5fe3Zr4QjFmJ.uTSehbLeh5XBD5DyjW_ncYmfELM 0LocG1rMwPk1tO341EYt6uwyuncdYt6rqui42cY7i32_BcRBYC3LPD5YbprE Ze0TEAJCsSx4zRbhilQ8jT.b_ePTfpyehmlnGf132h01ElVvxB4s7cNi1gZT 4pOEewbNCXU6Vlja82KsXesEFLh4kS6Wuu2ijHEnrKGwkzeiSJi3pp9Gyj_n RmveEFHnx70fOomJrbjEVpw7IsWaOknqfnbNJ22WcubYOQIH__wGbN_9xs_S MPijAA8q2auGTvsHPeE8Gy4UfCUBKv_3xH32tIz_RtFfr1PX8MDzW8isMbE-
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Authentication-Results:; domainkeys=neutral (no sig);; dkim=neutral (no sig)
Received: from (EHLO ( by with SMTP; Tue, 18 Dec 2012 03:53:27 -0800
Received: from wwinf8314 ([]) by mwinf8515-out with ME id cztS1k0094mN4ju03ztSe5; Tue, 18 Dec 2012 12:53:26 +0100
Date: Tue, 18 Dec 2012 12:53:26 +0100
From: “mrs.catherinemarythomas” <>
Reply-To: “mrs.catherinemarythomas” <>
Message-ID: <2080812912.100053.1355831606633.JavaMail.www@wwinf8314>
Subject: Dearest in christ
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X-WUM-REPLYTO: |~| — — –

Catherine Mary Thomas RETURN-PATH:



Dearest in christ
Thanks for your email that you sent to me and secondly I must not fail to comment and commend on your statement of caution this for me was like a realization of your good intent. I have seen your position and most importantly adhering to my instructions on this transaction and I am willing to proceed with you as you have show me that you can be trusted…Your mail has equally made me to believe and understand that you are really interested to finalize this transaction with me.
my confidence in you has grown and increased with desire that I am in the safe hand. like you said I believe you love God and believe He wants us to love him Your words in your response have given me great Joy, I believe you know this is a good work of charity project I have placed in your hands. My dear I will only say to you with reason of my throat cancer I am unable to speak but all I want is that the money is safe in your account before I meet the Lord so that it can be used for the intended purpose.
I have told you in confidence that I want the project to be kept very secret and details of my contact with you should not be disclosed to anybody and this is because my husband’s family might want to do everything to gain possession of this money for their own selfish interest. The security company in possession of the money is in Burkina-Faso, the money can be transferred to your account electronically once you activate the DORMANT ACCOUNT and I need the following details below to send LETTER OF AUTHORIZATION and the relevant documents to the Bank that you are now the sole beneficiary to the Funds

Full Name:———————-
Current residential address:————
Country State:——————
Private phone number:——————-

My dear, I want you to have faith and pray always knowing the task ahead and the bold step I have taken to give you this money, I need you to always stay focused and note there is need for prayers as obstacles will arise but that entire stand against the success of this transaction and the project will fall. Let me rest and leave you to pray and build your mind towards the task ahead and know your share of the funds is 30% and the balance must be used for the project which is 70%,do not forget I am communicating with only you at this moment with regards to this transaction. And I would not have any cause to do otherwise, except you state your intention to withdraw your assistance. I have told you in confidence that I want the project to be kept very secret and details of my contact with you should not be disclosed to anybody and this is because my husband’s family might want to do everything to gain possession of this money for their own selfish interest.
Remain bless.
Mrs. mary Thomas


Return-Path: <>
Received-SPF: pass (domain of designates as permitted sender)
X-YMailISG: IXcJCncWLDsknTLwWhNVTHG30BF563Ldgn5KvEvQFkWvuVeq z_QwIlVo3wxYjDta7Y6pLr2hZ2G4uurNLrq1IJkg91YIA7OX.i87QkljdWkb pNSCTyVOnm5lkUFGfDkw4Sa0dUak7Z5Rz.hyIfcHPPpdn_PezcHtKdSQ5D.0 Hd2gYi2601eJqKHQNkgoaYxqdbIcjvI81xwnuYE3WJWV.yaoGKDsVk6AjfUq yp_JpmK8YOGwhp9u5ERr_XNmmAniDibErCCyR.m2E9iZr_Z111CAyeRS4I9I swq.rFwO2q4InDspwmeNobmYMG6iGOw3JrlV9Zc4xjhMqqXoleIEVUuGpK4B NaekvwNTnZK3H6L5ykGjKnsd47f.RD0oCztSaz0qOWVWWnKY.SXwxhcI_jtB hcNdsOdqnXtjVzdEfTcJrtREWU.kunukYyFCwiEGRLnP6olS.1jBOgeZa934 UQ2ftdB2bpQJDE1r2qQQABmwnlNrXiVF_ePTd4ckZkHSHaze5EW.H_saR3Ct 4ewvz7o8huzqk0mpQAGuWCwkFWIKsfAtCGMJxhtpgpLQYlb3FJDSMBlyHsge 0drbYnM28nx1r3eRx_ROpTqYIV_k_JZIK0LREK3w2SOW0RQ6iGs3P8vMA5Sn J.XBq19KwAtdDUpuQ6IGHSSKtC2ITl7f2dwSUUfOGmm94gzFJWdA5wtMJfFv EKnuERTR4N6BQN6UPDsufauwqytBrQTlbByC7K8HfV0bvjXxOA0C0dMgMbO1 OSNpnmeK94fVm63iL1vyqMY4U2M9jdCK9pUgqTxcnlcFuswKiFzqdtKV1ZFF lXkuUSMUGWA_jA97YpG3Mfj73CJcRFdqTbnwKCLMhzYd_PlKAIRocTkmp00g gtja_MRe_iahKW3BrRwC8f2g1.yJMwST60N9D_wKxwNxNNqLjlq6GfaLRVFe FzMXQtyDrXMuN3yowSpBHawCWSZewXapcGrbQ5L4y4PmHzyoN.UMMZPb8Rz8 Xuob3szabBkgg3IYX3wQOCg2k8.381dTHoe2o1FfGK7pNm40MgbqZDjQxxrR uiVSDduG1NDUmSoz8F.66vucfgZvpdKGA1Ti4v4Y_RwjaY2H3A9RVr7D0pIG 9okJvVwq2LQAwZJmqjkw_qxQOdG0DW02uZbpU_X5GiVleSoRqul7qkGz2F90 nBUbIjHDCK5Zgy9O9Zb0Q.cCi26TsX_AtcK8VUXSkjjVspwlfNykC_gYvd5M Ok7IjphOM8jEJT_S4uBT4d6OAs6BAz2ljmffJLS3UwHwJogfAhufvWoCM236 LWBZciCLAfHSyimZwv29kgBSgcPrborTOXLAwkfEMtj8oJeQ0B1evZMXgK2F jM_rqU3tmltgtAN7SrF4GIug7WTG1Jl2j24zE5zb4q9FdmkHjq3zvPXhFiew msPzkBFZ4VAj4hPBi.uQNh0-
X-Originating-IP: []
Authentication-Results:; domainkeys=neutral (no sig);; dkim=neutral (no sig)
Received: from (EHLO ( by with SMTP; Wed, 19 Dec 2012 03:16:07 -0800
Received: from wwinf8306 ([]) by mwinf8504-out with ME id dPG51k0014mN4ju03PG5C0; Wed, 19 Dec 2012 12:16:05 +0100
From: “mrs.catherinemarythomas” <>
Reply-To: “mrs.catherinemarythomas” <>
Message-ID: <182589706.149240.1355915765066.JavaMail.www@wwinf8306>
In-Reply-To: <>
References: <2080812912.100053.1355831606633.JavaMail.www@wwinf8314> <>
Content-Type: multipart/alternative; boundary=”—-=_Part_149239_468043981.1355915765063″
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X-WUM-TO: |~|

Same email-address as first email – however, different IP’s being used in second email:



X-Originating-IP: []
Authentication-Results:; domainkeys=neutral (no sig);; dkim=neutral (no sig)
Received: from (EHLO (
by with SMTP; Sat, 01 Dec 2012 05:43:50 -0800
Received: from wwinf8219 ([])
by mwinf8501-out with ME
id WDjo1k0094mN4ju03DjoEb; Sat, 01 Dec 2012 14:43:48 +0100
Date: Sat, 01 Dec 2012 14:43:48 +0100

Hello My Dear,
Warm greetings from me,
I apologize for intruding into your privacy, since we don’t know each other, but pay attention and understand my reason of contacting you Please don’t be angry with me my Dear if you see this message in Spam of your mailbox, it will be because I sent it with low internet connection.don’t you just love this excuse?

i am happy to get in contact with you
after my prayer to God for a direction to find a nice trusted and sincere reliable friend I was motivated to write to you after seen your contact at ( site ) think s/he should have inserted a specific site here! , I know that this email will meet you in a good health and also surprised but God have his own way of bringing people together my dear. i am here to seek your advice of which i know that it will helps me to overcome my situation,

i am presently single above all God fearing girl,My dearest,In your usual time, may it please you to write me back in my email address. So that i will explain more about myself,my details,my pictures and purpose of writing to you.Please do not neglect a humble and lonely heart that seeks your love. A good friendship is the foundation build on other relative things to come. May God bless you as i wait impatiently to hear from you.Thanks and remain blessed.
Yours new proposing friend, Adut.


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