“DHL Express”

07 Feb



DHL International Benin Lot No. 23 Patte D’Oie 03 BP 2147 Cotonou, Benin Republic.
DHL Express is a well-established company offering courier and transport services 24 hours for priority delivery of letters, parcels and consignments to any destination by road, air or sea.

This is serves as urgent notice.

Your Waybill tracking number: 1736996225,

The management of DHL Courier Company wishes to inform you that your shipment was stopped at CINCINNATI HUB, OH – USA on Wednesday, November 21, 2012 due to lack of clearance documentation and during our correspondent to the Custom Authority they requested for some vital document to enhance the immediate release of your shipment to you.

So the management of this company is hereby advised you to fine below details and send the documentation fee of 75 usd via Western Union to speed up the delivery process today.

Below is the detail where to send the 75 dollars Via Western Union Transfer ASAP.

Receipt Name/ Augustine Obagha
Destination/ Cotonou- Benin
Address/ 455 Agbokou Ankpa Road Cotonou
Question/ Urgent
Answer/ Needed
Amount/ $75

After sending the fee, Kindly send us the money transfer control number MTCN as well as the sender’s name and address.

We are definitely expecting your urgent respond to enhance the immediate release of your shipment today.


Dr. Robinson Anthony, Director Shipment Officer
Tel +22966459321
Email: dhlcourierexpressd@dgoh…org

This scammer most likely switched his fake name around. It was most likely ANTHONY ROBINSON not ROBINSON ANTHONY


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2 responses to ““DHL Express”

  1. R. Hyatt

    06/19/2013 at 13:06

    DR. KELVIN ANTHONY: I have received one of these e-mails as well.
    Sorry to say its probably a SCAM, even though they haven’t asked for any money yet, they probably will I I’m dumb enough to contact them again.

    • DiscoveredTruth

      06/19/2013 at 16:15

      Hi R. Hyatt,

      Yes, definitely a scam. If you could post the email and/or header information that would be great.


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