“Natalia Backford”

07 Feb



From: Natalia Beckford <>
To: <>
Sent: Monday, February 4, 2013 8:01 AM
Subject: Re: Personal Driver / Chauffeur Job Details.

Dear ,

The job position is flexible and my daughter is willing to work with
you on times and days when you are available.

The driver position available is for a personal driver/ chauffeur,
someone who will be committed and ready to work with
good manners and attitude and of course with safety as a priority.

My name is Natalia Beckford and i reside with my husband and my daughter.
My daughter will be needing a personal driver as she has gotten an
Evaluation program to run in many Hospitals and Medical Stores around
your location so i need a local who knows the area pretty well .

This program is for her to Evaluate all Hospitals and Medical Stores
under her project for the time frame so am only looking for a driver
who will be able to take care of the driving duties in good

The project which will be starting from February 24th 2013 i suppose you
know what an Evaluation is, sometimes you evaluate companies without a
notice of evaluation and many times it is secretly done this might
include walking in as a patient and then taking records of how you are
been attended to and how others feel about the hospital and Medical
Stores around your location.

This job comes with a flexible time schedule and you can decide when
you can have time as the evaluation doesn’t have a specific time frame
of running so the evaluation can take place any time as most hospitals and Medical
Stores are open 24hrs.

An arrangement will be made for a sedan car that you will drive if you
don’t have your Personal Car and also an apartment will be made ready
where she will stay for the time being,all this information will get
to you as soon as you are confirmed as the driver.
The car will be brought to you a day prior to when she arrives after i
have confirmed you for this driver job.


Dress Code during work: Well Mannered.
Date work starts: February 24th 2013
Airport: (Fill in your closest airport for your convenience on booking
her flight)

Weekly pay: $600
Gas: $155
Working Hours a week: 3 times a week and for 3 Hrs each day.


What time will you be available?

What is your present work places,name and address with phone Number.

Do you think you are a better driver for this open? Yes….Give reasons.

If you think you have read and answered this correctly and you have
concluded that you are worthy of the open,then i will need some more
information of you.

A car delivery will be made to you for this job if you don’t have your
Personal Car.

Reply back answering all questions and details as requested .


Natalia Beckford.

From: <>
To: Natalia Beckford <>
Sent: Saturday, February 2, 2013 10:21 AM
Subject: Re: Personal Driver / Chauffeur Job

Maybe, where are you located?

From: Natalia Beckford <>
Sent: Saturday, February 2, 2013 4:52 AM
Subject: Personal Driver / Chauffeur Job

Hi ,

I am emailing you to find out if you are interested
in a part time driving job as i found your AD on Craigslist.

I need a personal driver / chauffeur for one month for
my daughter who has an evaluation project in your city.

The job requires driving for three hours a day,
three days a week and the pay is $600 weekly plus $155 for gas.

Kindly email me for more details if interested.


Natalia Beckford


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