“Marcus Ashley”

13 Feb


Note: This scam was sent by an email user, however, Marcus Ashley has also sent me job scams including Marcus Ashley Art Gallery as well as Marcus Ashley Antique Collector

Marcus-Ashley HR
Jan 9

Hi ,

Happy New Year and thanks for your response to our job offer. I am sorry for the late response as we just resumed yesterday so i haven’t been able to get back to you sooner.

Basically the position available currently is for the Payment Dispatcher / Coordinator. You will need an active internet connection, a printer and some spare time, say 2hrs twice a day. I would like for us to chat and have an online interview so i can explain the job description to you in details and we can take things up from there (if you are interested)

we can chat using :


Please add me on any of the above so we can chat , i will add you likewise.

Looking forward to discussing with you!.

Marcus Ashley. HR.MARCUS: I want to knwo if yiou are still interested in our job offer HR.MARCUS: Basically the position available is for the payment dispacther / cordiantorYour job description includes sending payments out on our behalf to
individuals who have indicated interest in selling their Artworks and Antique products.

After we have evaluated and discussed the pricing with the individual/seller,
you will be sent the details, so you print the check and mail it out to the individual.We will provide you with our Affiliates Bank account details and FedEx
/ UPS / USPS account info or shipping labels to use in sending out the payment.
Sent at 10:40 PM on Monday have found people to work wirh but i have not accepted any YET
me: what are the requirements that you have not found in anyone yet?
HR.MARCUS: the pay, u will receive via western union, money gram or any means you require
as you can see , this will involve all details of our associates so i need someone i can trust
also we have had three peoiple interested , after we sent them cash to buy the materials needed if you are looking for a job to make money, trust me , this is it!
Sent at 10:46 PM on Monday
me: im sorry , how can you trust me? or anyone at on a chat interview? ok why would you send cash to an unknown person you briefly spoke with online? it makes no sense to me maybe you can tell me more? im missing something.
its the job offer
do you think you are missing something? HR.MARCUS: Then are you fine with earning 600 – 700$ monthly
then this job is for you
information is on a need to know basis
so i honestly hope u dont expect me to answer your every question
you need a job, i need your services, we can then come to a mutual understanding and pull this off! 350 every two weeks, dats 700$ monthly
what i need from you is what i have explained
and all you will need is a compactible printer and check paper
Sent at 10:58 PM on Monday HR.MARCUS: can you let me know the model so i check if it is compactible
also i need you to send me your zipcode, so i can look up some stores close to you
Sent at 11:09 PM on Monday
me: 91103
Sent at 11:11 PM on Monday
HR.MARCUS: what is your printer make and modbellfast 1900EF Lazer printer
Sent at 11:18 PM on Monday
HR.MARCUS: what is the make
i am trying to look it up but i cant find it
is it a HP or Canon or what?
me: cannon
Sent at 11:21 PM on Monday
HR.MARCUS: I atill cannot find the printer HR.MARCUS: what is the make
i am trying to look it up but i cant find it
is it a HP or Canon or what?
me: cannon
Sent at 11:21 PM on Monday
HR.MARCUS: I atill cannot find the printer
can you please check the printer properly and locate the make and the MODEL NUMBER HR.MARCUS: u just said bellfast and then canon and now lemarx
which is it!
me: i have two both let me find #s
HR.MARCUS: Okay i need the exact make and model number for both
me: let me get back to you on these numbers . io have to run
HR.MARCUS: so will that be later or in the AM


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