“Esther Jean Pierre” a.k.a “Esther Baba”

23 Mar



From: esther bemba <>
Sent: Friday, March 15, 2013 3:39 AM

Hello my Dear,
How are you today?.
I appreciate your reply to honor my request,I hope you are in perfect peace and health with your family, my heart is filed with gladness that you honor my request because relationship do not care for age, color, distance or tribe if we like each other, rather, we shall make impossible to become possible to meet together no matter the distance or tribe.i want to share things in common with you,compare our past life, present and future experiences to exercise joy and happiness all the days of our life.

Meanwhile,my name is Miss Esther Jean Pierre Bemba ,a citizen of Congo Republic but i am living presently in Dakar Senegal, i am a girl of 23years old, never been married and no kids,i am fair in complexion ,great sense of humor,loving,caring,humble, faithful,trustworthy, slow to anger,compassionate, I am glad to communicate with you today because i have been searching for a nice man,kind, caring, some one i can trust in my life, who will take care of me,a man i will ensure my life into his hand, a man who i can express my greatest and sweetest love and share things in common with him as long as i live. and my heart is telling me that you are the man who God have sent to my life .

I promise to be a nice girl to you as long as we continue in this communication and i strongly believe that God have a purpose for our relationship in future.i want you to tell me about you, your social life,your country, your occupation,do you like my photo?, I will tell you more about myself in my next mail with my contact number.
Thank you for your understanding, Waiting for your soonest reply.
Esther Jean Pierre

SAME SCAMMER, DIFFERENT SCAM; Below is an inheritance scam email sent by Esther Jean Pierre.

From: esther bemba <>
Sent: Monday, March 18, 2013 11:21 PM

Dear beloved.
I believe that you are fine over there, please I want you to find it in your heart to help me, I have suffered much in this place. no food to eat, drink dirty water here and where I leave mosquito bites a lot. please come to my help.I’m sadly depressed and heartily Bitterer-ed for the type of suffering i am passing here. please i see you as a good man and a good philanthropist for helping the less privileges and i want you to come to my aid before i die of the more challenging problems here. my main objective of this transfer is for education, invest little money and use some of the money to rent a house to earn a living for a bright future ahead and I want you to guide me and care for me in this transaction and most of my life care with this money.

Please I have written the contact of the Bank email address below to enable you contact them and tell them you would want to know the possibilities of transferring my late inheritance of money in their custody to your position in your country.

However,all you have to do now is to email the bank to know the possibilities of transferring the money into your account. but please don’t deny and disappoint me when the money is been transferred into your account, because this money is my only hope for a better and brighter future.

The contacts are
Chief Executive Officer is: Mrs Kate O’Neill..

Address; 25 Gresham Street London EC2V 7HN. UK
Email @:
{ }

Telephone number: +447031886569
The name of the transfer officer : Mr Douglas Radcliffe.(Director of Foreign transfer Dept)

Details of my late father’s account are ;

Name of Depositor: Jean Pierre Bemba
Account Number: 90015041.000.826/USD/L
Account Type: Escrow Account/Tresury Bills
Nationality: Congo Republic
Amount Deposited: $5,200,000 USD
Next of Kin: Esther Jean Pierre Bemba Saolona
Deposit Number: SGB581XX38066011

finally, please inform me immediately you contact them and also send their response message to me that I read by myself for when they transfer money to your account until my arrival OK. thank you for your understanding, I wish you success in your efforts, my prayer is that this transaction will be completed in two weeks so that I get out of this prison that looks like a hell and take good care of you.
Take care of yourself I am waiting to hear good news from you soon.
Yours Esther.

Note: In case you don’t know how you will compose the message and send to them, you can fill this gaps below with your name and send it to their email address .
Send the below message to the bank.

To lloyds banking group plc
Contact Person Mr Douglas Radcliffe

Dear Sir,

I am Mr…………from…………the foreign beneficiary trustee to Miss Esther Pierre ,I apply officially as it was directed by Esther in respect to her late father’s deposit Late Mr Jean Pierre Bemba in A/C NO.90015041.000.826 in your institution under your management .

Being the co-beneficiary to the deposited fund in your Bank, May I pleased know the possibility in order that the said deposit will be transferred into my Bank Account Number as desired by Miss Esther

Let me know as soon as possible .
Please my love,do not fail to update me with your correspondence with the bank ok.

+44 7031886569 <- Scammer changes his scam name from Esther Baba to Esther Bemba
+44 7779145495


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4 responses to ““Esther Jean Pierre” a.k.a “Esther Baba”

  1. ssendago leonald

    05/14/2013 at 14:19

    I have read the information above and am willing to do as you have asked,but am in Uganda currently,i will inform you as soon as i get the feed back from the bank

  2. Robert Ochola

    05/15/2013 at 16:44

    Hello dear, this is very good thing to do, but do you trust all people you have given your addres if not what are you doing as fere as this is consand.Esthe I donoknow who you hade in minde at the time you were writting this on your wall.Kisses.

  3. noah simpemba

    06/13/2013 at 13:20

    I have received the email today

  4. pac adams

    07/16/2013 at 09:52



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