“Marvin Marthias” a.k.a “Marvin M. Sherppard” a.k.a “Nathwest Bank London”

12 Jun


From: “marvin marthias” <>


I am Marvin Marthias Sherppard the new Director, auditing Unit, United Nations auditor general at Omaha located on Abbott Drive, four miles northeast of the City of Omaha. During our auditing, I discovered your abandoned file which was meant to be used in paying your fund, the fund was brought through a Diplomat from United Kingdom and was supposed to be released to you, but do to some obstacles, it was seized by our officials.

The details tagged on the file including, your name, the official document from United Nation office at London. I will assist you to receive this fund and you compensate me with after you must have receive this money,it is 100% real and risk free, respond now so that I can start processing your payment, if you follow my instruction, i promise that you will receive this fund in the next 72 hours of your responds to this email

I will also give you contacts of people that I have already assisted to receive their own fund in Europe, Canada, as well as here in the United States,for you to ask them about me and be convinced of whom you are dealing with.

For quick attention to be granted to you, provide this information:

1.your Phone Number______
2.full address __________

Get back to me through this email address:

Marvin M. Sherppard.

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From: marvin marthias <>

Marvin M. Sherppard
marvin marthias

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