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RE: Unfinished Business ( From Samuel Koffi Mills u)
From Samuel Koffi Mills
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From: “Samuel Koffi Mills” <>
Subject: RE: Unfinished Business ( From Samuel Koffi Mills u)


Attention ,
Please note that I am making this business introduction based on my regards for
your credibility and your company profile which I saw in one of my late father’s
briefcase and files. Due to your long experience in business.I would want to go into partnership
with you in an Investment into Real Estate or any other lucrative business in your country.

My names are Mr Samuel Koffi Mills.I am one of the sons of the former President of Ghana
Late Professor John Evans Fiifi Atta Mills .

I am by this letter, offering you a partnership so as to allow me have you
as my representative/trustee and manager of my inherited funds.
Since I cannot determine if this email is still functional
and also your willingness to partner with me I have made this proposal brief.

If you are interested in this offer of partnership kindly respond and let me
have your other contact details including your company profile which in
return i will furnish you an elaborate proposal & detail of this offer.

Your expedient response will be very much appreciated. Only reply to this
email if you are interested in partnering with me.

Samuel Koffi Mills

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“Marcus Ashley”


Season’s Greetings.

Would you be interested in working part time from home as a Antique Collector
/Agent /Cashier / Payment Dispatcher and Payment Coordinator or a Sales
Assistant on Amazon or eBay as well as other auction sites?

We buy our antiques and artworks directly from their owners and sell on Amazon and
eBay over the internet so you will act as an online merchant to mail out payments or/and
as an affiliate to online store where our antique items and artworks for sale are placed for sale
in return for high turnover on auction sites nation wide.

All you need is an internet connection and a dedicated phone line to make and
receive phone calls and you will work once or twice weekly as the job
description is not stressful but requires your time and dedication during days you are
required to work and the pay is $350.00 every forthnight.

This job opening is for that competent, honest and hardworking individual .
If you think you are good for the JOB, contact me for more details

Marcus Ashley Art Gallery.
CEO – Marcus Ashley.


Return-Path: <>
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Received: from [] (helo=User) by stage1 with esmtpa (Exim MailCleaner) id 1Tp6hU-00064H-82 from <>; Sat, 29 Dec 2012 22:24:24 -0200
Reply-To: <>
From: “Marcus Ashley”<>
Subject: Marcus Ashley Art Gallery Job Offer.



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