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Inheritance Scam – “Nelly Pius”


UPDATE: Nelly Pius emailed me with a new scam on December 19, 2012 – to view the recent scam click: Nelly Pius INHERITANCE SCAM 

Name: Nelly Pius

Email Address:

IP Address: (If you google IP address provided, you will see this particular scammer has been warned on other anti-scam sites, under other fake scamming email addresses.)


Hvornår:torsdag den 27. september 2012 21:00 – 22:00 (GMT+00:00)Fra:pius_nelly@yahoo.dkMeddelelse:Vital Information from ECO-WAS / UN
The (ECO-WAS) Economic Community Of West African State’s GOVERNMENTS, Resolved to pay you an INTEREST of your unclaimed Inheritance / contract and compensation Payment since till toady
It’s been released on a Special Payment Method called (AUTOMATED TELLER MACHINE SWIFT ATM CARD PAYMENT), which you shall be withdrawing on daily bases until you claimed your total amount of $2.500.000 (two Million Five Hundred Thousand Dollars)
You are therefore advised to re-confirm the below information to the paying officer in charge as the Roland Bruno.
Your current address for the delivery of your ATM VISA CARD: Your Full Name…………………..and………….country Telephone………………… Age:……………….and……………… Occupation & Position:………………….. Scan Copy of your ID Card or international passport or drivers license to ensure that the money is received by you directly
(Send the required details to the below 🙂 Paying officer: Dr Roland Bruno Email 😦 ) Tel: +22968096722 Debt Management Office, ATM CARD SWIFT CARD CENTER. OCEANIC INTERNATIONAL BANK BENIN;
Meanwhile, you shall certainly pay for the processing affidavit bill of which I do not know now until you get in touch with the officer. After that they will supply you with your withdrawals information; Such as your withdrawal limit, Pin code # and also the activating serial numbers of your ATM card.
Yours faithfully; Mrs. Nelly

Received-SPF: none (domain of does not designate permitted sender hosts)
X-YMailISG: FOcNh6QWLDuwokGIamqo2H1mhFgBK__fvBOJZ8GjwILP0jKp H_fXx0rsRIGtWnE8LHiDjqgrUbhVMalmSllTqA0DRUXVL000oPDuFM_4Cvdq BG9I6cTmDOPwt3Rbvyyrw1_.26QSw.velDioRcayZTUc9dtps6B4yu8iQb.X 45quHIwVHMKOZyAuvrZsOde4f9rNUjjA8jehT99P2KYxuszbHy4plZ2JCHhj iC1s4KT_XanfymkXm60urdqtbA3TVX_bkGnktQMQ8hA.KV.ll1KgActsQDPn CT7Whw9F3G0YtO..HY98BjSqfWUqKZ_9O9hoN175bzx.Y6003jsGJgZowQkK DkoWcD2MMet7hoGllu2xaFaCO9F6K6sjGW6RgGbTuBNKodcmZg55dvOsYnAk nl6eg5A3hk2QXz40LgNCiTRNDYXId7UJ7liQp5vfEz4bmRvkbIn_F_Kfe2fb PDqG9HXvy3iWkgsYmNbI0Y.ZFQt8NXdK4qoGihSNJzGAn0oaufWSCAD5nPEG qUAVabftIWrVbIL4h83oo.Axnnhc.gP3Sq4JICZK8R2pTv1uyLgotWgJvqEV lkaRO.4hr5fTMA68AuEBbZZBKuhYZrONNhHOjRDA_0Ub1Qpt4A1N8mvS3EDH OXTxGMfwNHggXYzAgM0efEowxSH.p4KSFlFuB7HalF_uTf4LepMH4Jw4Pepy dIbhOHSt.rWElmpQ3FwQnY9fDEO1fWjdBFb1fd23HFfEEhZ52qAgqSX5dYYj 4vFsP3QgcvjRtphwDJkTsI.k5YFbuEY1o27.qr3.fwQXMDHm1PecFRfcxknH Jl.asZFxcHerjK8aglPDjTm09Ky4HobY_cRHFbwE5N18S8XBiN9KyUjqM8cq 7Vud9U_1F3uyXraJMJvjkyjEzPbxFCjYsHE2q5Gzm3WuiC_GvzJDux0kJDIk 770Sr9EKBwyYKov.lNHPyxTlFcN6RfyaBaPyTPh_kulsWBnKWktZyWm2.So2 su_Sb9DHRVLfhN42iBrx.mBeF.j5_QaHc9JE44XYqT8JtIdYgT_SVNz7EBC2 BI4oHmscMaNsSbRNw3z8YK9PsnVCLOVhJpvvjN5y8T4j9kVUW2NhHD.y6GbY 2w6WzXd15q8JQEc1UvKGxrEBOWvmF8mtoZ4.Kq1hJKG_YWRjbzVTK8i4IVZt Jq9yFcvcvvHtTnv5kMfjdym2iCAoBpeAXzrfjoXkRlaR9YBmt7fNfFWWaw95 EyaipLDjQK4gxYlU82KJMKQ3VO26udNOb4EUtEFbacxgTlNLV2l8uUNqsdJL hjzulYxZXb1uXou1HaGVNzmsWQH8BYmJ1OYxtqVtnwxpijmNxCG6Aeqg6Bxx dfj8ZU4cWpVf
X-Originating-IP: []
Authentication-Results:; domainkeys=neutral (no sig);; dkim=neutral (no sig)
Received: from (HELO ( by with SMTP; Thu, 27 Sep 2012 12:45:09 -0700
Received: from [] by with NNFMP; 27 Sep 2012 19:45:06 -0000
Received: from [] by with NNFMP; 27 Sep 2012 19:45:06 -0000
Received: from [] by with NNFMP; 27 Sep 2012 19:45:06 -0000
X-yahoo-newman-expires: 1348778706
From: Nelly Pius
Sender: Nelly Pius
Reply-To: Nelly Pius – –

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