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“FedEx Online®”


EMAIL: We have been waiting for you to contact us for your confirm package that
is registered with us for shipping to your residential location. We had
thought that your sender gave you our contact details. It may interest you
to know that a letter is also added to your package. We understand that
the content of your package itself is a Bank Draft. The package is
registered with us for mailing by your colleague, and your colleague
explained that he is from the U.S.A but he is currently in Africa for a
three (3) months Surveying Project as he works with a consultant firm in
Nigeria, We are sending you this email because your package is been
registered on a Special Order. For your information, the VAT & Shipping
Charges as well as Insurance fees have been paid by your colleague before
your package was registered. Note that the payment that is made on the
Insurance, Premium & Clearance Certificates, are to certify that the Bank
Draft is not a Drug Affiliated Fund (DAF) neither is it funds to sponsor
Terrorism in your country. This will help you avoid any form of query from
the Monetary Authority of your country. However, you will only have to pay
a sum of $125 USD to the FedEx Delivery Department being full payment for
the Security Keeping Fee of the FedEx Company as stated in our privacy
terms & condition page. Please note that packages are not shipped nor
delivered on Saturdays, Sundays and on holidays. If your order has been
placed on any of these days, then it may be shipped the following business

Kindly complete the below form and send it to the FedEx Online team. This
is mandatory to reconfirm your Postal address and telephone numbers.


Contact Us between:

Mondays-Fridays: 9:00am – 9:00pm EST
Saturdays: 10:00am – 5:00pm EST
Sundays: 10:00am – 4:00pm EST

Have a great day!

Mr. Thompson Williams.
Direct Tel: +2347033356828

FedEx Online®
©Copy Right Reserved 1994-2012.


Return-Path: <>
Received-SPF: none (domain of does not designate permitted sender hosts)
X-YMailISG: o5TE0VcWLDs6A2iGWRrKiXjvpJ9iJzbVh0d6tg62Wj0icTj9 vmZMCQOukMdUDCGoZuIRp9z0IxNUHMgxvIvYYj2aIPbsDGNdoASLbiisEdUj mIfRU6DCgMO6xe2wenEds3y7f6jkHz8PujZvzVXG06KZXqLfUgswmKyLgCBr XoMranvoL1UpF2zrp9IkEggsDk.stcAvIzVsHemNO52EoccEi9gmti7.KoIW FADXVh5rt92uodAMmY0yUyx5SH8xuTnS8HVA1jqbABSY05OsZuiqD2tnbAyL bLlh4CNm20SRui2X4Xy8KYvHstQSJ2JED57ifWlUyjgIAc0kmiT8UPezvxUv IWwuGwuz0cdnaBz9yWtkze4VsD7mfNV5e55TkF1PnlOQV80xSuZBMTspTRHI Rt3llF72gAFNpNhgBjq1mr36YDryiv6cVF80QRdJY_AvV0JqeMTxkYepk7Zo ZibOOHy5tUxHe1RaLqqXs0WImOyiFBDXjq7mpvYjAYsdHOQOyqNLUN6Hg6u1 tVFo3zVplBVnDXYMSRMyggTOWeOwUWkEw0lYPrWCvkmgmSLj_PXFULib.MPx K7S5XbZpInbFirVmMyQMMjCReCffKzB5eKrZIIbECa1FeVd9PHa6ZIj_LsD0 Yq1pZsf06cF3tpdiRlgAzGrJolauz8y8xqW1iCEc8cvOJudahvuRDsb09YaP DEdo6Nd8twXlDmXqNqVY77QtOAFP6Z6QZzgxq5yu9O6Mv1mI4NhapzzH1k3. afEn6fF4JN4HxcuOEp2Rr_U3ikODeO8VSsJ.qEVvjRitKUHx_V6pncw6HkWN tB7_Lr2JJDj37KsTC9ntsBwAVvF26zHppnpw5jw8jYccPfUnUtzPoWlp6Bi9 o6ZrjPB.DXes_i1kpLdprNB8ehDnWXVLwqQqH31W4qYFuFnyZuj3rhLaUUx3 3J3Vqm2tYLv7DmSdzbfkolSriSZ4yVm_POZLOrsbax7kfm6oXgbPLD2cKab3 ObsRlQiaLIEsfxk7nsR8nxE4NzateWWVNkdKO1n40_7N80WGh_yoBa692ABI HHJO2MTarJriQnZz7soxNKn8AuVrxZVZRo_ebnck6pA4Rfh_0R1sUQIjroJI Pw6gJD2qGOTgx1edsoeYVA6oBf_5ab34B9EC0w80NN8JA8nOVBzVJMhtm.8z 6LOwSdTnFg0X3pOkrEr51x.Gto.BuQNSGp6tYNIzckUKiL24O3dxUNaf4_gX k28hY3hB2zgdLlorQVCWrA5.YESR7.ZspdMBR0exRen9wmIK48IOaFt5H.DR dA–
X-Originating-IP: []
Authentication-Results:; domainkeys=neutral (no sig);; dkim=neutral (no sig)
Received: from (EHLO ( by with SMTP; Tue, 27 Nov 2012 02:01:25 -0800
Received: (qmail 24449 invoked by uid 33); 26 Nov 2012 15:51:22 -0300
Cc: recipient list not shown: ;
Received: from (SquirrelMail authenticated user karuiz) by with HTTP; Mon, 26 Nov 2012 15:51:22 -0300 (ARGSL-ST)
Message-ID: <>
Date: Mon, 26 Nov 2012 15:51:22 -0300 (ARGSL-ST)
FedEx =?iso-8859-1?Q?Online=AE?= <>
User-Agent: SquirrelMail/1.4.9a
MIME-Version: 1.0
Content-Type: text/plain;charset=iso-8859-1
Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit
X-Priority: 3 (Normal)
Importance: Normal
Content-Length: 2014 << 2347033356828 << FedEx Online®  << << <<
A scammer(s) under the email-address <> and sent scam mail out under the same Originating-IP as the above sender. The receiving IP’s location was Nigeria (just like the above senders receiving IP) as well. and

Other spam/scam sent under the same IP address are:

 “Sampaio” <>
From: “Lynnette Grover” <AmparoloreleiVick@centraloregon
Subject: Enlarge At Home Today
Subject: Notificaci=?unicode-1-1-utf-7?Q?+APM-n de es
From: Sewell <>
Subject: Software discounts
From: Pill <>
Subject: When you need it
From: <>
Subject: More games, more chances, bigger jackpots 1500 eur
From: <>
Subject: Best casino games 1500 euro bonus!
From: <>
Subject: Best casino games 1500 euro bonus!
From: <>
Subject: Biggest casino online 1500 euro bonus!
From: <>
Subject: Biggest casino online 1500 euro bonus!
From: <>
Subject: Euro casino online 1500 euro bonus!
From: Валентин ��
Subject: мы тoльko делaеm рekлaмy
From: До��на Павл��ва
Subject: Прoдaжa бaзы в Кoлoмнe. Цeнa
From: Артемий В��но��ра��ов
From: <>
Subject: Best erect pills
From: <>
Subject: Best erect pills
From: <>
Subject: Get some penis pills
From: <>
Subject: Get some penis pills
From: <>
Subject: Find pills for cheap prices
From: “Sarahi LAMBERT” <>
Subject: Re: 62735418449971656

Some previous names and email-addresses under the IP – Location: Nigeria

5-Jul-12 11:36 mcoxman Nigeria
22-Jun-12 21:56 Mike001 Nigeria Evidence
17-May-12 03:08 pemmy Nigeria
10-May-12 16:57 kingcxt Nigeria
10-May-12 16:53 king Nigeria
5-May-12 03:52 ohison Nigeria
2-May-12 16:41 Frank Richards Nigeria
23-Apr-12 08:07 infotech

FYI, the REAL FedEX doesn’t sign up with free Yahoo email-addresses. They have their own domain. And they don’t send out email’s like the one above. Only scammers get into irrelevant details.


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Nigerian Lotto Scammers


This fraudster also attempts to fraud other people, below are more scams including the Euro Millions Lotto Internation Scam and Gazprom Award Final Notification


EMAIL: Confirmed Winning Bruxelles Batch No: 15/3820/MGL
Following the official publication of results of the E-mail electronic On-line Sweepstakes organized by Belgium Montana Lotterij BE in conjunction with the foundation promoting software products in Belgium, we are pleased to inform you that your electronic email address emerged as one of the on-line winning emails in the 1st category held on June the 26th of October 2012: Your email address was attached to a cash award of $1,900.000.00 (One Million Nine Hundred Thousand Dollars), you are advice to contact the processing officer immediately upon receipt of this message.

Contact the claim agents: FOREIGN TRANSFER MANAGER
CONTACT: Mr. Dem Van Putt
CITY/ COUNTRY: Bruxelles Belgium.
TEL:+32-492-521-568 /+1132-492-521-568
Reply to Email:<>

Return-Path: <>
Received-SPF: pass (domain of designates as permitted sender)
X-YMailISG: A0sEKe8WLDul_BGQi.K.uZmoEs8JCU24xCAgvz6CxgQrjsSE 06ca4XCQazKTZny6j6ZyAIYAVYKjHaRaR_6iGOrruKNV9Fue8SL.eUavluab VUcZiT9lfgfL07FFUbKh_95MEOvmCIprS8c4gzoV12YqDprucalFt20ONFOY lLZ6Rj7XpvRxuM6EvgbAISyjMiLPSLpo0rgTzPGEa6LWj3tPAdJvqAwd415O Fgwr2z9Tz_EiKygyOZPOqe.vZb9ZliS11NsVjlHhXoB98jXcc1BaaY2CU0op tNKYafUo6s_GOv1mLoPwkNkuxtUoVuBK4AastDsM1ctBHouGweLWreXJRzH4 Ztr2ri2VBkT6rFTGyJ3spoj46ZnskJjHhZ3MWfQYSVV6hl4QZo.eemcb4RaW cZB45BAJ7nmo30bHEZmtCKxCPto7IXPymDiX9nmJjeCEsrD3H3PT4wJuoNQ6 Bl_6XlZZiQ7eqxqhw.ptLbMzDPeP6GuSBhI0oRm6c2sV11pAYlJzDoSyIxhG 9J7k_2qjq5OR435_crVzDhQW8BSfTyzh5TQeckuJs5.9beAKQnyE_ICUK9ok kqcAV7pZyz5KKf2d00h6kFEoDHWLFdfe3H_3rpGPJnm9UlAujMOU3E38dNr9 CMvejilbI0WdtY8VoLZEvc0_M.LuLPzjG2LyexYzgDBzFTnaxJFNlNKxrH66 NvYAgqijNGFyaiu9cx1JIMht4vnTmPKSHg4wFERL7SWaueBPsDf3hjFWDpfn wSk4UrGSX1COMYEZOMZRfoFX_eKFsyTPe0ir3rgaFN01L9KB1ysl1vPNJDZ0 TnrwCjEc1wXNGIDGrP5i6N8BzSGYBlZA5xqSu1XDGbOGq4EW2VWKKri1hJPX ZcFXyp0_jzs9uy2EBmb6MIQvAa8y70O8wsllG3rT07GnnLYG.obl4YG_A2Xk NzxXo5NtQoryE.AaWbGnLIRhnjlmOR907kITMvXUO2qRtzG0VRL.VCUYdOMV kW.IObyh4MnIIdILkRDxuMlcht2UsSuo_svZ2vh8d67R3SjYFU56PcVZ4YTX CR6aEvShves4yU7SkamhEWMxgeAfRM3_oZu70qn7aeU1sUm6qkN5NmEziW91 FTU8qZtLFV4m9T4MuLuM519gDqilGOkYrtfnK8UnggRclyOBzhpeS_fD1hZ. fFGpUAnIg.7JncCRKQXeBCALIDNctAhW0xEJDotYHtkHdv2jlQ3icAfALuKg iWaRBdyN7B2npDRPo0.U_75Ya4joKFVkZtAQPYX1eyASqMY51wNIsNGpw90U 76YAyW2Lcpj5xGynIF3cvo2.QBkhl0JbZt8vkV7cHgCwR1QjYgeGLAMJBnV8 RoK6oH7XrgxFgK1mUp_TKXiAfV0Ou6SsiGVCfZDZ..8exQwwwaZwCSda0Ubk fP48V3slbPFInXgoLLX.b_c7SVnMn9q7HZi2bLDuvgYK2omRDaDu6l7Q46gs tCHjklo_VkB32cmbGquzPqzFb96gzK_KAA_slUvsftvE74Wzp.47epn.ZThq dt2kYgC1ui3z5HZVSQDePdpP8.LIiddVlrQ58MxfOUBQgzOhVmwYrnUg9h06 56q2xdV8bN4zgiCjm31e_QN0Ld.Yxu72DYrz0ZeDgip2zHZRiwOKofsoCHB7 fVy5hvqPrhljW2EPLymZyWD4auer1d7bki7fcJVkb7QXdbPwx651rUBwK1YG KOrL4G644w–
X-Originating-IP: []
Authentication-Results:; domainkeys=neutral (no sig);; dkim=neutral (no sig)
Received: from (EHLO ( by with SMTP; Fri, 02 Nov 2012 06:07:54 -0700
Received: from ([0000:0000:0000:0000:0000:0000:]) by ([]) with mapi; Fri, 2 Nov 2012 07:46:24 -0400
Cassandra N Watson <>
To: “” <>
CC: “” <>
Date: Fri, 2 Nov 2012 07:46:03 -0400
Subject: Confirmed Winning Bruxelles Batch No: 15/3820/MGL
Thread-Topic: Confirmed Winning Bruxelles Batch No: 15/3820/MGL
Thread-Index: AQHNuO+u+TArXi6wlkejz5ONMyf2eA==
Message-ID: <>
Accept-Language: en-US
Content-Language: en-US
X-MS-Has-Attach: yes
acceptlanguage: en-US
Content-Type: multipart/mixed; boundary=”_002_8DD2F198C17DE948A7ACFE632AAC637D01313917E68COCMAILSRV3O_”
MIME-Version: 1.0
Content-Length: 266666

Cassandra N Watson <> <> <> <> <>


Lane R Duckworth – <> <>

Your Payment of $920,000.00 USD in the on-going Gazprom Oil & Gas Poverty Alleviation Program has now been aprroved by our head office in russia. Do Re-confirm your claims datas by providing the below informations Via Email at <>
1) Your Full Name.
2) Phone Number.
3) Profession,
4) Age
5) marital status.
6) Winning E-mail Address
7) Any form of identification

NOTE: The required Datas should be sent to the cliams processing office at ( for immidiate confirmation and payment approval

Please take special note of the given contact email address ( OR Dail +601-62453284 for any inquiries on the above message.

Yours truly,
Lane R Duckworth

This Nigerian scammer also attempted to scam another internet user in a Euro Millions Lotto Winner International Program SCAM

Email-address <> <> submissions@HUN1P0T

The header is right below, to see the actual email please click Scamdex.

return-path:     <>
envelope-to:     submissions@HUN1P0T
delivery-date:     Fri, 05 Oct 2012 05:37:31 -0700
from ([]:48573)by lester.HUN1P0T with esmtps (TLSv1:RC4-MD5:128)(Exim 4.77)(envelope-from <>)id 1TK79n-00048u-7ufor submissions@HUN1P0T; Fri, 05 Oct 2012 05:37:31 -0700
from[0000:0000:0000:0000:0000:0000:]) by[]) with mapi; Fri, 5 Oct 2012 08:36:42 -0400
from:     “Chad T. Foster” <>
date:     Fri, 5 Oct 2012 08:37:25 -0400
subject:     ticket Number:008-115-627-609
thread-topic:     ticket Number:008-115-627-609
thread-index:     AQHNovYSfu9mxCi5u0a75i24aSfonQ==
message-id:     <>
accept-language:     en-US
content-language:     en-US
acceptlanguage:     en-US
content-type:     text/plain; charset=”Windows-1252″
content-transfer-encoding:     quoted-printable


Another promo lottery scam by whats-his-face

X-VirusScanner: McAfee
Return-Path: <>
Received: from ([] verified)
  by (CommuniGate Pro SMTP 5.3.4)
  with ESMTP id 145232440 for; Sun, 04 Mar 2012 18:41:27 -0500
Received: from ([]) by
	id <B4f53fede0000>; Sun, 04 Mar 2012 18:46:38 -0500
Received: from ([])
  by with ESMTP/TLS/RC4-MD5; 04 Mar 2012 18:46:37 -0500
Received: from ([]) by ([]) with mapi; Sun, 4 Mar 2012
 18:45:57 -0500
From: Tim Rogers <>
Date: Sun, 4 Mar 2012 18:45:56 -0500
Subject: Promo Email; 
Thread-Topic: Promo Email; 
Thread-Index: AQHM+mDx+qHMNFAFNkqh9WKxT77U4w==
Message-ID: <>
Accept-Language: en-US
Content-Language: en-US
acceptlanguage: en-US
Content-Type: text/plain; charset="iso-8859-1"
Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable
MIME-Version: 1.0

Augustin <traakdna_1952@ASA-G.NET> associated havester to the IP
Fraud Sent From IP address –
From: Brooke A Sullivan –
Subject: Hello
From: Brandon Medlen –
Subject: Geachte klant
From: Alexander B Bailey –
Subject: Geachte klant
From: Billyle T Alman –
Subject: Geachte klant
From: Blake A Krum –
Subject: Geachte klant
From: Charlie M Adams –
Subject: Geachte klant
From: Alexander B Bailey –
Subject: Hallo liebe
From: Braelyn M Ocwieja –
Subject: Geachte klant
FromCassandra N Watson <>
Subject: Hall
From: Bryce W Baase –
Subject: Hall
From: Brittnee E Johnson –
Subject: This Message is From the Administrator Desk
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This fraudster has been reported numerous times and it appears that he’s been passing out the same phone number to all his (potential) victims. He has also been using the same name but does tend to change it up a little. I’ve posted his information and all the email addresses listed below are addresses that the scammer has been using the past year.

NAME & EMAIL-ADDRESS: Jean Z Francis <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <>

EMAIL: Connecting You with the United Nations

Attn; Beneficiary
Greetings to you and your family, The UNITED NATIONS IN Affiliation with BANK Of Ofrica have agreed to compensate you with the sum of US$1,200,000.00, for self support. This is regarding the draws he organized before he left the office to help individuals town a self charity organization also for your to build your Personal Company/organization so as to help the less privileged children.

This includes every foreign contractors that may have not received their contract, inheritance sum, and people that have had an unfinished transaction or international businesses that failed due to Government problems and the World financial Crisis etc. We found your name in the list of those who are to benefit from these compensation exercise and that is why we are contacting you.

Now We are contacting you to let you know that we have provided an ATM CARD on your behalf  worth$1.2 US Dollars in your name for your self charity organization and compensation the necessary arrangement of delivering the ATM CARD has been made with SKYLINE COURIER/SECURITY COMPANY Benin Republic.

Please write a letter of application to the given address below with your receiving address where you want them to deliver it.

Contact Person:
Dr.Obia Ginter
E-mail:(skyservice@superposta. com)
Phone +229-99691328
Registration Reference No of the Package FDXB/xxx/100
Code Number: xxx KP/229B

Yours Faithfully,
Jean Francis R Zinsou

Permanent Representative to the United Nations
Return-Path:   <>
Received-SPF:   neutral ( is neither permitted nor denied by domain of
X-YMailISG:   LJkzNNIWLDs0IuGWngBnJsAm.15LB87IWodJgPbE.zFU77Et H10ABAl5LAOjAWB7eEM5c2YSwkFoXIescAbEL3GhKLNo8FmWztpgQBPE04N3 _k4_jcjCGRdl.qJzdH3_bSBbFGCGiLev0g5qUZEoVpAuy96LZHR7PT7KSFej YsiYGiWe3Y2FnBzPb2fQkp00.DS1GFLIGHl1X9F91NMFHLq76hgi7deax8hm rqNv5L1kEx4pK8F3Zb4DVgsu4bWPJz14HEPuJkpguw.p197eYzuUCXBAvnrl z4xgYt5Cv5MnI0WO2UGoKXSJTWKxnpxaMjXSJ9QWHHzH_4H4iRYd7SG0WX3C 5rZ1UxdPep7M8mslypzl73kIUYZIWyQDt0Yu6WgBk2a_l3WPGw__xojIxdeS xZysUr5FbTu6VfLYj7cpFzTyKNkm4WtLXIrFMxmeqny4i0Xjp5GIFD_A3x_T 6AW8.LwqKOwooJtUVaYnooquhU8YDM_aDnvL6LaYNulmbj14TngzQQZyiYxM txkOdm1owDVIj4OoEJ0EIoa5l44beQMa4gfRVsPyeTvw3233t0fD3u.OlR3C 4MHkKsK58ebGQuJg2kkMAegCeEonFczvpspAYLu9uIvJY1M6NQBGX0GrLaN2 8kiwTGeZyv0AR_YQpoTtQsOPNqZDgw2dZblfNTXUDn624v0owTKTKOGlyZdR J7avPYk0hRdbzo7OujQ50hnq12C0p088oGsm8kKcgxZilc84ByNvSsaZnPk6 i3LUyeaeXQKKE8YeFSgPNW2_dXv3t5z6poc72UxMBk234k0IUFPC4EGIwAmd 1Mb4kHZZM3a0rZUJUuvntpCpnTlKkcI9gPia0SCn1fMsRr4wjGgt4ir.mB1j UIfM_EA1bLfMl3YQMbtBQdMo.MjnHS6eyp0iETCVRPQQ_VlTe4zxhLdbZe9T PZirxOVtTs12R8nZJOxoVRh2.3j50VZj9OiymC_jM8UhktlorPzoqWTs5VEI 50X4UKp19VaI7TCXjZxFNId7rA47q2Xbyy6exS03UgspXiukgCqP64_qNWPY 7FmapLkzIHkSzawtzc6dmWwUpxg5eLpFvWmeHcez1W9zw1kUPYrDFwYfjKTx 6Bk.1340YT3NlUgdzQ.aX9tVdasZsXYZn55i
X-Originating-IP:   []
Authentication-Results:; domainkeys=neutral (no sig);; dkim=pass (ok)
Received:   from (EHLO ( by with SMTP; Fri, 16 Nov 2012 02:26:52 -0800
Received:   from [] by with NNFMP; 16 Nov 2012 10:26:49 -0000
Received:   from [] by with NNFMP; 16 Nov 2012 10:26:48 -0000
Received:   from [] by with NNFMP; 16 Nov 2012 10:26:48 -0000
X-Yahoo-Newman-Property:   ymail-3
Received:   (qmail 3920 invoked by uid 60001); 16 Nov 2012 10:26:48 -0000
DKIM-Signature:   v=1; a=rsa-sha256; c=relaxed/relaxed;; s=s1024; t=1353061608; bh=qH18j46qTMjHb8xKzqpx3hxrEffXRYT9aQUqNorqbvo=; h=X-YMail-OSG:Received:X-Rocket-MIMEInfo:X-RocketYMMF:X-Mailer:Message-ID:Date:From:Reply-To:Subject:To:MIME-Version:Content-Type; b=gTfYigX4Wk6NvgLszFpP+alm0AIWDYPS/oqs84Wb+Cs3PkmCBUA++N33IJBfZKZ9iQWY/H+ZxWwkpNYd3Y9lrjgi3drCkDnJMXZMuOBY0wdPRu+ZdxR8fr+sgGrLmxiJ/5j2msGtkvwucdz2CKIVGmEoYFAzoSF8tlhGDtrWPAI=
X-YMail-OSG:   l8kumy0VM1k6BD.bwYxKEdDaxshx8K9POmB.3tvhcapgeGt aVteMd1jQ
Received:   from [] by via HTTP; Fri, 16 Nov 2012 18:26:47 CST
X-Mailer:   YahooMailClassic/15.0.8 YahooMailWebService/
Message-ID:   <>
Date:   Fri, 16 Nov 2012 18:26:47 +0800 (CST)
Jean Z Francis <>
Subject:   Attn; Beneficiary
To:   undisclosed recipients: ;
MIME-Version:   1.0
Content-Type:   multipart/alternative; boundary=”-302095473-1108845685-1353061607=:93848″
Content-Length:   27909

Below links are just a few sites that have reported this scammer (i’ve taken the email addresses from these web-pages and posted them above. I didn’t take the emails as that would take up to much space on here, so I’ve provided links instead!)


Jean Francis Zinsou”<> — <> by (

Return-Path: <>
Received: from (
by with ESMTP id k50si16230803yhj.79.2012.05.14.04.
Mon, 14 May 2012 04:06:07 -0700 (PDT)
Received-SPF: pass ( domain of designates as permitted sender) client-ip=;
Authentication-Results:; spf=pass ( domain of designates as permitted sender)
Received: from BLU155-W62 ([]) by 
with Microsoft SMTPSVC(6.0.3790.4675);
Mon, 14 May 2012 04:04:54 -0700
Message-ID: <BLU155-W62805CF82A0BC2F533CB9FAE1A0@phx.gbl>
Content-Type: multipart/alternative;
X-Originating-IP: []
Reply-To: <>
From: United Nations <>
Subject: Attn; Beneficiary


 If you have additional email addresses please let me know! Thank you.


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Dr.Pere Hart

Lottery Scam (Central Bank Of Nigeria) ↔ Nigerian (419) Scammer

Name: Pere Hart

Email-Address: Reply-To-EmailAddress: (drpereh) 

Subject line: Hello Dear

Email: Hello Dear,

I wish to inform you that all matters relating to the release of your payment is now under my control and supervision. I am the deputy governor CBN.I was mandated by the President Federal Republic in conjunction with the Federal Executive Council (FEC), the Senate Committee on Foreign Debts Reconciliation and Implementation Panel on Contract/inheritance/compensation funds to complete the entire unpaid Contract/inheritance/lottery fund.
This development has become necessary due to the activities of unpatriotic government/CBN officials and impostors who keep on frustrating every benefiry’s effort to settle our clients by making requests for unauthorized fees and levies from them. That we have resolved to put a stop to in the current payment schedule to ensure total transparency and orderliness in the release of all pending payment. We sincerely apologize for any delay you might have encountered in the past but be rest assured your payment is now 100% Guaranteed.
To this effect, you are required as a matter of urgency to reconfirm your information including your name, phone number and your address for verification and immediate release of your payment within 24 hours. On a progressive note, the sum of US$10.7 Million (Ten MILLION, SEVEN HUNDRED THOUSAND UNITED STATES DOLLARS) has been approved for you. Kindly choose from these three modes of payment (wire transfer, diplomatic cash payment and ATM card) for the release of your fund to you.

Kindly get back to me ASAP.

Best Regards,
Dr.Pere Hart
Deputy Governor
Central Bank of Nigeria

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(Sgt) Larry Wayne –

Nigerian Scammer: Business (Partner) Scam

Ironically, the ‘content-length’ of this scammer is ”419”

Scammer (fake) Information below.

Name/Email Address: “Sgt Larry Wayne”


Subject line: Reply

Email: Hello,

My name is Sgt. Wayne with a desperate need for an mutual business
proposal that will benefit both of us, I have been blessed to come about some
cash here in Afghanistan and i want to work with you to ship it out of this
country and invest my own share into lucrative business with your advice and
assistance, please get back to me if you are interested to hear my plans and
sharing method

Sgt Larry Wayne

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