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Samantha KipKalya Kones is a NIGERIAN SCAMMER who has been reported under the name ADIN KIPKALYA KONES not only by me, but by multiple anti-scam websites and multiple online users. — Infact, this scammer is so persistent with sending out fraud mail, that search engines automatically list the name once you type in the first 3 letters of the last name. You’ll then see a list of emails this scammer has sent out under multiple email addresses and IP addresses. BEWARE!

Click Adin Kipkalya Kones to view spam sent to me by this fraudster.




EMAIL: Please my dearest help me! 

MY cry for you
Greetings my dearest one,
I am writing this mail to you with tears and sorrow from my heart. With due respect, trust and humanity, i appeal to you to exercise a little patience and read through my letter, i wish to contact you personally for a long term business relationship and investment assistance in your Country so i feel quite safe dealing with you in this important business having gone through your remarkable profile, honestly i am writing this email to you with pains, tears and sorrow from my heart, i will really like to have a good relationship with you and i have a special reason why i decided to contact you, i decided to contact you due to the urgency of my situation, My name are princess samantha Kipkalya Kones, 24yrs old female and I held from Kenya in East Africa. My father was the former Kenyan road Minister. He and Assistant Minister of Home Affairs Lorna Laboso had been on board the Cessna 210, which was headed to Kericho and crashed in a remote area called Kajong’a, in
western Kenya. The plane crashed on the Tuesday 10th, June, 2008.

You can read more about the crash through the below site:

After the burial of my father, my stepmother and uncle conspired and sold my father’s property to an Italian Expert rate which the shared the money among themselves and live nothing for me. I am constrained to contact you because of the abuse I am receiving from my wicked stepmother and uncle. They planned to take away all my late father’s treasury and properties from me since the unexpected death of my beloved Father. Meanwhile i wanted to escape to the USA but they hide away my international passport and other valuable travelling documents. Luckily they did not discover where i kept my fathers File which contains important documents. So I decided to run to the refugee camp where i am presently seeking asylum under the United Nations High Commission for the Refugee here in Ouagadougou, Republic of Burkina Faso.

One faithful morning, I opened my father’s briefcase and found out the documents which he has deposited huge amount of money in bank in Burkina Faso with my name as the next of kin. I travelled to Burkina Faso to withdraw the money for a better life so that I can take care of myself and start a new life, on my arrival, the Bank Director whom I met in person told me that my father’s instruction/will to the bank is that the money would only be release to me when I am married or present a trustee who will help me and invest the money overseas. I am in search of an honest and reliable person who will help me and stand as my trustee so that I will present him to the Bank for transfer of the money to his bank account overseas. i have chosen to contact you after my prayers and I believe that you will not betray my trust. But rather take me as your own sister.

Although, you may wonder why I am so soon revealing myself to you without knowing you, well I will say that my mind convinced me that you may be the true person to help me. More so, my father of blessed memory deposited the sum of (US$9.5) Dollars in Bank with my name as the next of kin. However, I shall forward you with the necessary documents on confirmation of your acceptance to assist me for the transfer and statement of the fund in your country. As you will help me in an investment, and i will like to complete my studies, as i was in my 1year in the university when my beloved father died. It is my intention to compensate you with 40% of the total money for your services and the balance shall be my capital in your establishment. As soon as I receive your positive response showing your interest I will put things into action immediately. In the light of the above. I shall appreciate an urgent message indicating your ability and willingness to handle
this transaction sincerely.

AWAITING YOUR URGENT AND POSITIVE RESPONSE, Please do keep this only to yourself for now untill the bank will transfer the fund. I beg you not to disclose it till i come over because I am afraid of my wicked stepmother who has threatened to kill me and have the money alone ,I thank God Today that am out from my country (KENYA) but now In (Burkina Faso) where my father deposited these money with my name as the next of Kin. I have the documents for the claims.
i feel you are only one who can help me out of this
Yours Sincerely
princess samantha Kipkalya Kones
God bless you,



I Have just received your email with lot’s of excitement, since when i feel Because the letter to you my heart has-been over with right to adequate housing if my thoughts and fear Will touch your heart position to come for my rescue.

Firstly I am emailing you from the office of the Rev. Father in Christ the King From Refugee Camp Mission, the Rev. I Told. Father Otuobiribiri Okogoro about my communication with you and He permitted me to access my email in his office computer Twice a day, Presently I have no phone order if you want to hear my voice you can call me with the office number of the father rev 00226 74 74 72 58 The Refugees camp in here and ask of Miss samantha kipkalya Kone That STAYS in the female hostel block G12 When You Will call me.

life here in the Refugee camp is very difficulty to me, to eat in a day is a talk of war for me, I am really Suffering here, it makes me cry each day and night when i look at my status here, I know purpose That with you i will soon come out from this my present status and Have a new life with you, I Have Been in the bank for Several times and i was Informed by the director of the fund this bank Before That Will Be Transferred I must have to present a trustee That Will Stand unbehalf me of my trustee. Because of my present status as a Refugee and advice from my father aussi history Before death.

I Have Already make up my mind to come over to your country since you Have Already Decided to help me, Even If you want me to come over Before the transaction I Will like it so much because i am in so much surfing here Appreciate all your Regarding promised to hep me, I pray That God Will Give You the Courage and the Heart to help me,
About me:

1) I am Miss samantha kipkalya 24 years old girl from (KENYA) Regarding this transaction, I Have the deposit certificate and the death certificate of my late registration, father presented Which I Have Before the Bank manager and i am Assuring you it is not going to bring Any problem now or future.

About my education, I Was Admitted In The University in 2007 There I did my one year subject in accountancy Before the Death of my beloved parents, and I Will like to continue as soon as i relocate to your country, Because this is a promise i Promised to my father, dear So I need your information Which i will include in the letter of authorization so That You Can send it to my bank as trustee.
YOUR AGE………………
FULL NAME, ……………….
ADDRESS …………………….
COUNTRY ………………………….

I am waiting for this information so That I Will send the letter to the bank, and pls remember That You Should keep this only to yourself till the money has-been Transferred, and II do not want anyone to know about it, you Know That They Are So Many wicked people in the world, that ‘Good Thing They Will see you coming to stop it and They Will, I am a living witness, so promise me That You Will Keep It To Yourself so That The Whole Transfer Will Be OK aussi need your peak so That I Will Know Whom i am doing with Some thing look like.

Please you can call me with the office number of the rev father 00226 74 74 72 58 The Refugees camp in here and ask of Miss samantha kipkalya kones That STAYS in the female hostel room G12 When You Will call me. With the attachment is my picture look Best

princess samantha kipkalya


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From: samantha kipkalya <>
Subject: RE:Greetings my dearest one,

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X-Mailer: YahooMailClassic/15.1.2 YahooMailWebService/
Message-ID: <>
Date: Sat, 29 Dec 2012 11:53:20 +0000 (GMT)
From: Samantha Kipkalya <>
Subject: RE:Please help me to be my trustee.

Samantha Kipkalya RECEIVED-IP: ORIGINATING-IP: +22674747258

A few email addresses and IP’s used by the same scammer — under the IP: Location: Nigeria — This scammer also responded under –

Return-Path: <>
IPs – and

Miss Adin Kones


X-Originating-Email: []
Reply-To: [ ]
Subject: Treat As Urgent And Call Me Now +226-7638-8906,
FROM: Miss Safi Ouedraogo
PHONE: +22676388906

Also watch out for the fraudsters below who have sent out scam under the same IP address

Sherri Esparza – << Ervin Velasquez – << Jamie Lord << LinkedIn Connections << <<


Below is another email from Aisha Yak a.k.a (Samantha) Kipkalya Kones.

from: aisha yak

SUBJECT: Hello EMAIL: Hello..

my name is Aisha i seek for an honest
partner for friendship i hope you
don’t mind
if you don’t mind please reply me i will
love to here form you ok so i can tell
you more about myself and we
can exchange picture too, Remember that distance
does not matter what matters is the love we share
with each other.


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Jack Alan Hardy


LEGAL HEAD, HARDY and Co. Chambers.
892 Bulovard – Airport Road – Kumassi,
Kumassi – GHANA.
Good day to you,
Compliments of the season my dearest friend.

My name is Jack Alan Hardy (esq) From Ghana, I hope my message meets you in good health.

I wish to notify you (again) that you were listed as the beneficiary to a total sum of (Four Million Seven Hundred And Fifty Thousand $) in the intent of the deceased (late) Madame. M. Olivia. I contacted you because you bear the same last name with my deceased client and therefore I can present you as the beneficiary to the inheritance, since there is no written will from my late client.

I received a notification from the Central Bank (BANK OF GHANA H/Q) that the funds will be confiscated to Government’s treasury account as un-claimed funds due to account in-activity for the past 14 Months since she passed away to glory (Natural Cardiac Arrest) at age 71, I have two weeks only to present a beneficiary in order to avoid this action. Please, I am in need of your support, for I cannot do this alone.

I am prepared to provide you with all the documents which might be required by the holding Bank to enable them release this inheritance funds to you. All the papers work required will be processed in your acceptance of my proposal.As I am prepared to offer you 45%, 50% for me, while 5%  will be set aside for any expenses we invest into this business, that is to say that any money spent during the period of this business will be fully refunded once the funds has been transferred into your nominated bank account or any other safer means you prefer.
Upon your acceptance I request that you kindly forward to me your details as listed below.
Your Full Name:
Full Address:
Personal Number:
Contact E-mail:
Date you was born:

I will truly appreciate your response.
Yours sincerely,
Jack Alan Hardy (Esq)

Thank you for your understanding


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Posted by on 12/02/2012 in Inheritance Scam


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Business (Partner) SCAM – “Dr. Kwesi EDMalik.” –

”BUSINESS SCAM” – Scammer want’s me to transfer funds. He wants this to be our ”little secret.” Well, I’ve always had a big mouth, ever since I was little. Oops!

Scammer’s Information: Name: Dr. Kwesi EDMalik Email Address: (info6) IP Address: ( received by: )

EMAIL SENT BY Dr. Kwesi EdMalik. ( –

Dear Friend,
I know that this message will come to you as a surprise, I am the Auditing and Accounting section manager with a Bank here in Accra Ghana which the name will be introduce to you. I Hope that you will not expose or betray this trust and confident that I am about to repose on you for the mutual benefit of our both families. I need your urgent assistance in transferring the sum of($10.5)Million to your account within 10 or 14 banking days. This money has been dormant for years in our Bank without claim, I want the bank to release the money to you as the nearest person to our deceased customer late Kipkalya Kones. who died in plane crash Six-seater Cessna crashed in western Kenya since 10 June 2008.
You can read more about the crash through this website:
I don’t want the money to go into government treasury as an abandoned fund. So this is the reason why I am contacting you so that the bank can release the money to you as the next of kin to the deceased customer. Please I would like you to keep this proposal as atop secret and delete it if you are not interested. Upon receipt of your reply, I will give you full details on how the business will be executed and also note that you will have 40% of the above mentioned sum if you agree to handle this business with me.
I am expecting your urgent response as soon as you receive my message.
Best Regard,
Dr. Kwesi EDMalik.

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