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An online user corresponded with this scammer on IndonesianCupid.Com, a Indonesian version of OkCupid. He sent photo attachments as well but sadly, I don’t open attachments from unknown users. The email users intent was good. I just don’t open attachments for safety reasons. If anyone has received an email from this email address and has any photos, please send it but copy and paste it, versus sending it in an attachments. Thank you.

Dari: Martin Buren <>
Dikirim: Jumat, 28 Desember 2012 10:43

Hello dearest,

How are you doing? I hope you’re doing great? It’s a pleasure to hear from you again. To be sincere with you dear, I’m new on this dating stuffs and I have a friend who was blessed with the help of the site and he found a partner whom he recently got married to. He was the one who introduced me here. Hopefully this communication would bear a good fruit?

Well, I never involve myself in all these stuffs before but have heard a lot of testimonies regarding people who have been blessed through online dating sites and they found their soul mates here. It’s amazing dear. You are such a kind person I guess lol hehe, and it going to be nice to get to know each other well. I am glad to meet you here. May God help us as we are going further to know each other better. Meanwhile I want to tell you more about myself for your better understanding of who I am,

My name is Martin Buren. I was born on December 18, 1969.My height is 6ft 1″(187cm) and my weight is 76kg (171ib) i have never married before, i don`t have any kids yet. I am originally from Ireland United Kingdom, but live and work here in Ontario, Canada, I so much love God and put Him first in everything I do. I am an Engineer by profession, working in Belor Construction Ltd Ontario, I have been to Architectural job for past 15years, work as an Architectural Engineer, I design , construct houses, roads , bridges and shopping Malls etc. I do also the sales of building Materials. You can call me a contractor as well.

I Love my job, coz I do travel some parts of the worlds and living a good life with my family. I have always loved to be Independent in life. That’s why I decided to relocate to Ontario, Canada in search of greener pastures. I want you to know l’m not here to have fun or play. Just looking for a true love. Are you still interested? Life is good here but as you know, because of the global economic crisis, things have turned apart. But in all things, we are still enjoying life to the fullest.

My late father is from Austria but migrated to United Kingdom when I was young, may his gentle soul rest in perfect peace. My late father was a honest and kind loving man till death. He was a philanthropist and had worked in various organizations in the past and assisted many groups both less privileged people morally and financially. My intention is to carry on with what my late father had left behind and I love charity work too. It is great to be involved in helping people, especially the unfortunate among us. As a matter of fact, he was the one that introduced me to the business of contracting and Architecture before I went to the University to study more about it, and I hope to use my office to get what rightfully belongs to me.

We are 3 in our family, 2 boys and 1 girl. But now I am the only surviving son of my family, because i lost my brother and sister in a car accident in 22nd of November 1994, I hate to remember this because whenever I remembered it my eyes will be full of tears, the only person I have now is my mother she is very old now 76 years, I pay a private nurse every month for taking care of her.

I don`t drink alcohol; I don’t smoke or do any drugs. I take care of my body both mentally and physically. I go the gym always to lift weights, run and do other forms of physical fitness. I don’t look for sexy or beauty, I believe a true beauty of a woman can be seen inside of her and not only the physical appearance. I don’t care about the race, culture or religion. I just need a simple woman who is ready to spend the rest of her life with me.

Furthermore, I am a fun loving guy who cares for the need of others. I am romantic, energetic, friendly and easy going guy, I love traveling and shopping. I like listening to music. On weekends, I normally go out with my friend to play football and golf. I sometimes go out to the sea side for refreshment and sightseeing. I do cook sometimes as I like cooking. Being happy always makes me feel young every day. I am so glad for my life today and really thank God for all His blessings upon my family.

Before enclosing this message, I would like to remind you once again that distance or relocation won’t be a barrier. I will love to visit you when the time comes or invite you here in Canada. Waiting to hear from you when time permits you, please I would like to have your own introduction as much as you can share with me.

I am willing to welcome them all .Let’s forget the past, believing that God knows us and has a great things in store for us in the future. I hope you do not get bored reading everything about me in this email, I must tell you all about myself.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Best Regards
Martin Buren
From Ontario, Canada

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