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As Online Users Become More Adapt To Internet Scams; Scammers Find New Tactics To Exploit

Greetings to you, my friend.
I know this will come as a surprise to you, because you do not know me. My name is Abdul Al-Shallah and I am the son of a deposed government official in Nigeria.

Sound familiar? It’s a boilerplate opening for one of the most common scams in the known world — the Nigerian scam, also known as the “419 scam” or the advance fee scheme. The elements are always the same: someone (preferably royalty or some sort of official) has come into a lot of money, but needs another person outside of the country to use their money for a bribe (or to pay legal fees among other means) to spring the money free. The result is also predictable, with a wire transfer to a con artist’s account and a fake check that confirms a scam has taken place.

imagesThis scam is a hallmark of the Internet, but it’s actually much older than that — the advance fee scheme in its modern incarnation dates back to the early 1980s, and various forms can be traced back to before the 20th century. The reason that it sticks around, unsurprisingly, is because it never ceases to swindle millions of dollars from duped victims. The scheme, and many others like it continue to flood inboxes daily, often hitting the Spam folder before you ever lay eyes on it, waiting for a more trusting person to make a trip to the Western Union.

But that’s not to say that Internet scammers are resting on their laurels and leaving their dirty work to these classic methods. As Internet users become more sophisticated (and laugh at the advances of the forlorn Nigerian prince or similarly befallen individual), the chances of finding a willing innocent victim slowly dwindles. Like any other industry, scammers are looking for smarter, more efficient ways to reach their big payouts and to keep their “businesses” running smoothly, so they are forced to adapt and reach new extremes to get their money.

Now, security experts are seeing disturbing trends among scammers that make the old schemes appear to be child’s play. Appealing to the emotional pull of a victim is now just part of the scheme, which now includes familiarity dupes and long-term schemes to raid a bank account. These cons are more targeted, more ruthless and can take out even large corporations and entire governmental programs. There’s a new evolution in Internet con artistry, and it’s putting everyone at risk.

Check out the four new and scary ways con artists are getting their money on the Internet, and real-life examples of how they work by clicking The Next Web – Four New Ways Online Scammers Are Taking Your Money.

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Internet Fraud Resources

Internet fraud is an issue that many people experience. The best way to fight fraud is to learn how to detect and avoid becoming a victim. If you have already been victimized then there IS help available. Below is a link which will lead you to a list of official Government web resources provided by USA.GOV to help you learn and report online fraud.

Click here for the link of resources.

Clicking the link provided will bring you to a list of different resources which I’ve posted below. (However, you need to go to the website to actually click on the different links.)

Reporting Internet Fraud:

Child Pornography on the Internet
Complaints about Foreign Companies
Consumer Complaint Form
Further Ways to Report Internet Fraud from
Identity Theft
Internet Crime Complaint Center
Internet Investment Fraud

Learning about Internet Fraud:

Avoiding Internet Investment Fraud
Cyber Crime Information
FBI Kids’ Page – Internet Safety Tips
FBI Warning about False FBI E-mails
Financial Crimes (International) (PDF)
Identity Theft: Trends and Issues
Identity Theft Information
Internet Do’s and Don’ts for Kids
Internet Protection Information for Consumers and Businesses
Kids’ Privacy and the Internet
Personal Information and Computer Security
Phishing Scams
Statistical Data and Reports on Internet Fraud


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“Xboree Store”


NOTE: This scammer sent me several idenical job scam emails but used different originating ip addresses (same received ip addresses though.) — Under the header details is a list of the other IP addresses used.

Representative Assistant needed for our busy online store to work from home. Applicant must have computer with a reliable internet, ability to work and think independently and be very trustworthy and dependable.

Hours are 11:00 am to 4:00 pm between 2-3 days during weekdays.

Duties include :

-Answering emails

-Email shipping confirmations to customers

-Collection of packages

-Candidate will be a fast learner and able to follow directions.



• Benefits package offered.

• Payment is $15/hr

Regards, Paul Manson

Return-Path: <>
Received-SPF: none (domain of does not designate permitted sender hosts)
X-YMailISG: Gr5Vux8WLDthkVrA7DoxxXaxcIludNn1wFZFCObzlcYohm8Y 2NPaeChXN1r_.69p.5ambCN6JWSHvq3iGTM0T7au_t6DJBQSOfMuSB.jUlti Ix58wtjqpm.rS.9lnC48lvBCfI._pGUiEF9qtZjQna.skF1lK9MOmrUzkb7y KgqTTgtHqfHPyDwAQ1R89glNisuP3eixF0977XRqiSjUXuPwK3X.NoNbsPfq aLl0bGchRUbdIJ511_0abj.F9k78huUh2TnCI_KxgBmT8NmgjcO3zlXQIDB4 Mq4fSzAzbyfXevMjQFabbE5kMI7XSn6WF0oIMe1G1.1dHFGj9OvdwxHaI0gg e46G14bTCUWI1KBFC3474WOMndG0lTPLTVxh4GvBeOxog3V6rFfUsn_YgFPP SlrSxhHofJGP_T_78jkwlo7VL2lLhGJIA_9vUdBbSI9SIRmX1__AdnRY.UhU FKPgaWP39xmv47mH7jogztZgvMTsOL1N03bY98CW9X1P6YsSAHYlNA7CZT9m GWoQbFte9HG12aynuL1SPEYMtmmyvGzAamZvetWfm6DZvTGbdLCe.M.qvI_B JqJMny7.Qnor.UgkPjDB1_MFQUUFa4Gp3zJ2FqoXtXX0HzSgBqHGd0PesxH_ .lhSvLd17H5SUO_78NN8iPCT2uhf1rM4knbtWIYLvYAlyIOKP3x2_futHjRO vNYgOunMUQA8XCb4b2I.p0GSgPHQmwTZR61M82WHRgpqdlNVwqZOWPlUmF.L U_HlZFGV8lH9Wmo7FM7YETmr9MZCxVz5EplQtNvK.b5SynYXApYpr22uugKZ bm3PgKDciE.aar8SIL2ncHgpfr6vfULvkKDpL2_72HyjZTP87eaRODZMD6kX 0QQGRlUop6ASLcrI4h2sp196e7FyfBQMq.2bXJXzFv2id3g8c8jVvEeDPRn5 0yjsfy_7NHn9_8sHIO.DnN58Um7qVh5C0qVMajGO8oVtsPZs26IrQHG14kwg szbYva2zlgq0qNk0vhMwJta8pb25XMDanmsRRuPRsxqx2O.D8N.J.vFKBmAa 95v9sgxYPCrfL_0nxHgF3tvmxd8KVYIbZ_HOoYy2wOOC.HEXpxi2KJGuNeDN hXUZUR6CdZ8te2u9KaXPoKpb01DG3v8wQg5ZHsnB7KicAx1vzjCd4QZ6Nz7o qDF72F8x58k9qbeAchL_ld9LnFN73PviG57VH2qIz5iWdgrGg8zZabXkJy8C xkEhNC4gQv1Hwq69nZ5VxoihSJZ8k3sfHv33qSWJEjlgtIEhDAwtc78Ny7b. O5hfpkI.mxpyPxU_udS38GJm1QUKnHp81kmsepS9uTZWca9CTAfCHpyyBA–
X-Originating-IP: []
Authentication-Results:; domainkeys=neutral (no sig);; dkim=neutral (no sig)
Received: from (EHLO ( by with SMTP; Wed, 23 Jan 2013 06:01:43 -0800
Received: from ( []) by (node=mreu2) with ESMTP (Nemesis) id 0MYrDT-1TSJ0P0TjP-00VXdK; Wed, 23 Jan 2013 15:01:42 +0100
Received: from (IP may be forged by CGI script) by with HTTP id 49lvhe-1T1nwT0JdL-00wGZV; Wed, 23 Jan 2013 15:01:42 +0100
X-Sender-Info: <>
Date: Wed, 23 Jan 2013 15:01:42 +0100
Message-Id: <>
Subject: Job Offer For Extra Income
From: Xboree Store <>
X-Provags-ID: V02:K0:jX19HEqSVZkKV1EZDy68/RHuVMqIZCNdbSdKo+FHXaG bt5KeoPqhB4ieRyIYs7kAa3NjLXlt1wwqVJryKuk18C1jOvGgS zyuLahUxUptba+hBjpA+TYDupAJHje6+rFZi3WIJv5kzsr9Gbx H4OcQT3SjZA9nYi4IDf12tz+7VM14HeA4aUo6NjAhIr2DTZPpe /BP9K1qq0+JSAXQXZVe2YnoHxial6dR9sxU2atw3ILv2pANin5 E0eJqeOxyOFOz2DyEdvLuXGO54fXcAe9hw3h+eBXPPd5kUtjQt +UDVW/r1zVAiBJtVEkIcCeS7A6C0o0hWLFLStQ4nkYQbbJWaCj SVzbzMe4wh1nTzdb3ydSlSIa+6Q88p8Vct53LDPEzpf4fF1oRk OQNBDmUMhEL9G24RH5KbATJzYDMrZTGlQSDyzU40FuYDhFhPDS cXufU



[] <> <> from (IP may be forged by CGI script) by with HTTP id 4A87YP-1TLOWD2KDc-00cgJ2; Wed, 23 Jan 2013 15:16:25 +0100


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Within 24 Hours we will contact with quotation & time Frame to bring your keyword to front page.

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P.S. This is an advertisement and a promotional mail strictly on the guidelines of CAN-SPAM act of 2003. We have clearly mentioned the source mail-id of this mail, also clearly mentioned the subject lines and they are in no way misleading in any form. We have found your mail address through our own efforts on the web search and not through any illegal way. If you find this mail unsolicited, please reply with “Remove” in the subject line and we will take care that you do not receive any further promotional mail.


Return-Path: <>
Received-SPF: none (domain of does not designate permitted sender hosts)
X-YMailISG: wAJ10VYWLDsBpCER3uk2qfs5T1g6RTB7qddOIEWNPSNzKpBg iV2YUdZjiC53xBw.vp123LvSBRzzALFoh_ntPkvR0qIHS8BUoF52iETPzMji wkTLy.5R5DeNLB4lhgvwzJID0tvfXhxedamve62Qrx2iMQ4baO8pz5rVCCvb 4TQ9OeK8Zn2t2UU_9MUWXPj6vmf_7hWT3ISslggx.zhHsbsvfiGKD3knsqxL Qh1cdHvcPHuUUfweogWm6_eFf.l8oeLH4twm9OfWjWFgk1ayXIfZHqERxfC5 y9f9j3kUuZw8p1EPjgOx2wGlQEkTeOpxuIz0YjiboibCBWBLE4BAS_l7vjDe sEdR34E5xSSqjLnnSc_Yir2v6ERlx75VKc_mBHTtPsbdH5sVdAJBEQ9x8oOJ ildmOsG04aDZaebxddl.73zV4qiqi3XevwXeU.JYWfnT3VFrjWrQz7HF97Ro fF2T2K19rNuUPOy8JClzD4Hz8u81qGtRem1p7pZpeasZ8o_xAnodttyyphq6 FUyRdgTGdT8vB2Nga0g0lT4Sm9cRjrTSK_vjNg9ONJ47x_gmNk87GfsXs4Bi eq7MWL9HIc5IwQIOQhbAg2Hfl3QaIQiQlhsYvQb724m07o1FNcl3AqUR16kQ muvf9KgsdNTre7veDfEKaduwwanjqxWXSPyWAzHgrbQsXg4i99RiTnfb1czY N1qnjYtC7_02Nljs28IBQlygQovG4QMGEImjwnldT3NBnNe_LwXE_O0u9tIh m9KM3y84mjIM8ATcWNxmO6W7Kpp7V2QhCtBLtcRaTvdx17qYeYLDYdtG55kx PVRyJYHCvnccPx_8LnaNS4j_3FraXyyUWxHleRsFWTqIymqzMXzriNXGkdbJ 5s6Ok8uU8Qhxocmwt7c1jKD8kRmEpUmz_ZN8tsdMo9dubRuDSD46rM7GMu5q P6V3D7hlcHbPhLZrRhfGGpCdCOpUT6j3s4RsFm4u0_WYzB9VOLzm5EzRTzWi Dus1s65AAJJdwLJEm_x5HC7469IogXIPwa1YKWDbsiWARYhmT_K_og47Laaw xPBB6Dg45vdMe_5hwU9AQP0Lk7h7gzNox5jgZcpCMG6YzBuQLCbhZ8SKLcBw 7W3wuumtf_LxHNYgyq.oENICtE9RQIbmG47YDlESVPSmRrW8TIEUW2lAHqM_ yRC8slnz1ZHaqrBB
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Received: from (EHLO ( by with SMTP; Fri, 04 Jan 2013 17:46:16 -0800
Received: from webbrand by with local (Exim 4.80) (envelope-from <>) id 1TrIpw-0005LN-TV for; Sat, 05 Jan 2013 02:46:13 +0100
Subject: SEO services offer
X-Mailer: Simple Mailer
Message-Id: <>
Date: Sat, 05 Jan 2013 02:46:12 +0100
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X-AntiAbuse: Primary Hostname –
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X-AntiAbuse: Originator/Caller UID/GID – [738 738] / [47 12]
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