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“Just Energy” Scam Victim Speaks Out

Original article published on January 20, 2013 –

ENDICOTT (Mass) — As we’ve reported Binghamton, police say scam artists are going around telling local residents they can help them with their utility bills during these cold months if they sign up with a company called “Just-Energy”

Police say it’s a rip off. Richard Torres Maldonado says his family was a victim to the scam and their electric bill went from $40 to $300.

“They were a little aggressive, really pushy. They are trying to look for people young like us, or old people out there that are not smart enough to understand this isn’t real,” said Richard Torres-Maldonado.

Binghamton police say two twenty-year-old men are going door to door. Police say if anyone from “just energy” approaches you to call them at 723-5321.

Source: WICZ

Clicking this Topix link¬†shows others from the New England area who’ve received phone calls from the Just Energy scammers last year, so it’s apparent that they’ve been around contacted home owners, trying to get their ¬†personal information. They are described as pushy and will ask you for your utilities bill to go over “savings”. This is all a con.

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