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Jessica’s Story – A chronic email scam victim

When Jessica was in her seventies she decided to continue her late husband’s subscription to Readers Digest. She got heavily involved in a competition run by ”Tom Champagne” who convinced her, she was on the cusp of winning a large cash prize. To stay in with a chance she bought hundreds of pounds worth of books, tapes, CDs and various other things she neither needed nor could afford.


Photo of Jessica

She never did receive a prize, but Tom Champagne sent her many cheques made out in her name. Once she tried to pay one into the bank, unfortunately Jessica hadn’t spotted the small wording that said the cheque was only a sample. She did however receive something for her loyalty; Tom Champagne sent her a plastic champagne glass, for her to use to celebrate her win. Needless to say it never did get used. Even though her family continually tried to explain that some companies use very devious sales techniques, she was still really disappointed. She wanted to financially help the ones she loved and donate money to the children’s charities she cared about so much. Jessica always enjoyed to give and had never been in a position to have much surplus cash.

As time passed Jessica received a very exciting letter, the letter looked like an important document and told her that if she sent a small fee it would release a large cheque that she had won in a competition. Jessica thought this was the big win that she had been waiting for from Tom Champagne and quickly sent off the fee. On the claim form she put down all her personal details. Unfortunately the letter wasn’t from Tom Champagne or Readers Digest it was her first scam letter. When family members realised what she had done they tried to explain that she had fallen for a scam. But Jessica had never heard about scam mail and refused to believe what they said. Of course no money ever arrived, but the amount of what appeared to Jessica to be fantastic mail started to increase.

Unbeknown to her, the scammers who sent that first scam letter had put her name on a suckers list and were selling her details to other criminals all over the world.

Jessica still refused to believe that her good news/excellent news mail was only worthless pieces of paper designed by criminals, to make her part with her cash.

As the weeks turned into months the amount of scam mail she was receiving, was getting ridiculous. Around 30 letters a day from all over the world that had things like Guaranteed Winner, Time Sensitive Document, Reply Immediately To Release Your Award and various other slogans and logos plastered all over them.

Jessica was soon sending nearly all of her pension each week to keep up with the scammer’s demands. So-called clairvoyants had also jumped on the bandwagon and were pretending to be her friends. The more the family tried to make her see the truth about what happening, the more the arguments erupted.

The “clairvoyants” convinced her that her family were jealous of her forthcoming wealth and said they were concerned for her welfare. She befriended a certain clairvoyant from Holland and she would send personal letters along with his payment. Others told her that they could see disaster and harm heading towards her or her family and if she sent them a fee they could keep bad luck away.

She would often sit up till 3am trying to keep up with the scammers demands. She had put so much cash into what she thought was the run up to a huge pay out and had promised to gift money to so many people, she just couldn’t focus her mind on anything else.

Jessica had never broken a promise and insisted she never would.

Her family could see every trick that the criminals were playing on her and the way they were all battling for her cash, but Jessica was under the spell and refused any outside help and even threatened to disown family members if they tried to interfere.

She was hording the scam mail all over her house it was in cupboards, drawers, wardrobes, the shed was full of knotted carrier bags bulging with scam mail. She continually gave out her phone number and the scammers would phone her late at night. Nothing seemed to matter to Jessica, her life revolved around the hundreds of letters her postman delivered each week. She would go without buying food, rather than miss a payment to a scam. Some family members gave up trying to make her see sense and formed the opinion that if she is stupid enough to respond she deserves to be scammed.

Jessica’s obsession made it appear as if she was sending her money willingly, but her youngest daughter Marilyn, could see her mum had been brainwashed by the volume and content of the scam mail.

Over some 5 years Jessica sent thousands of pounds to criminals and had also suggested releasing some equity from her house. Fortunately the house was in the name of her three children so she couldn’t sell it. She started to panic when she couldn’t find enough money to fill all the pre-addressed envelopes that had PO Box addresses all over the world. So she stopped paying her domestic bills. She told no one about the financial mess she was in…(Except her favorite clairvoyant from Holland) She started having panic attacks and palpitations, one of the clairvoyants who used fear as a way of extracting money told her that there was an evil force on a higher plain, Jessica had not been able to cover his “fee” to keep the evil away and thought that the evil was upstairs.

She became breathless and fearful every time she tried to climb up the stairs. Her body and mind were at breaking point with the continual torment that the scammers had inflicted on her over the years.

Jessica died on October 24 2007 she was 83 years old. On her death certificate it says cause of death pneumonia.

The source of this story Think Jessica is a anti-scam website created based on Jessica’s story. Click the link to view other scam victim stories and how to avoid scams.

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Gran tells how she was conned into spending £6k on ‘worthless vitamins’ VITAMAIL SCAM

An elderly grandmother has told of how she blew £6000 of her pension on worthless vitamins after being caught up in prize draw scam.

Widow Ann McCorquodale forked out £40-a-week on supplements after being guaranteed a £10,000 pay-out in return. But the mail-order con lasted three years and has left the 77-year-old penniless with a house bulging with health products.

The irony is Ann can’t even use the vitamins because of existing medication she takes. Last night, she said: “I still can’t believe I let them con me for three years. I didn’t tell a soul about what was going on, not even my family, it was my secret. I felt horribly guilty.”

Retired nurse Ann, from Greenock, was lured by the promise that a huge cheque from Vitamail was on its way if she sent the company £40 order for vitamins every week. When the cheque never arrived, the pensioner considered cutting off all contact with the ruthless French firm and even wrote a letter telling them to leave her alone.

But Ann felt bullied and threatened by constant letters and phone calls and for years she continued to send postal orders to Vitamail’s Bedford PO Box number. Ann had hoped to use the £10,000 to make her dream of visiting her daughter and grandchild in Australia come true. Every week Vitamail promised she would have the money in 10 days and that a photographer would call and take photos of her with her cheque. They also sent her letters with pictures of other happy pensioners who had won the cash to keep her hooked.

Ann isn’t the only one to fall for the scam. Hundreds have posted comments on blogs and forums warning people to steer clear of Vitamail.

Last night, she said: “I feel so stupid and ashamed that I could have been sucked in by this scam. I was desperate to find the money to go and visit my daughter and granddaughter because my heart has been broken since they moved to Australia four years ago. Then when this letter came through the door offering a chance to win £10,000 I jumped at the chance. Now I feel like a total fool.”

Source: ThinkJessica

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Scam Victim Speaks Out

Fake check scam. Victim of a fake check scam tells his scam story.

Youtube video uploaded by ConsumerFederation

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”Secret Shoppers SCAM – ”Mr. John Peters”

Scammer’s Details:

Name: Mr John Peters Email Address: IP Address: – Recieved from: [] and []

Subject: ATTN: Read and act fast

From: Shoppers Results

EMAIL: (This is the second or third email from the scammer. I’m just baiting him. I didn’t really send information and made up a address. His other email’s are somewhere in my filtered (made-up) folder. I’ll add once I find them.)

This is MR. John Peters from the secret shoppers , would like you to please confirm the receipt of the package on 1st survey assignment .. The package got delivered by FEDEX to the name and address you provided us ..  Would also like to know when you will be able to get the survey completed via WESTERN UNION as the instruction in the package indicates ..                                           You can call or leave a Message on  310-742-6596 .TEXT MESSAGE: (213) 537-3204 PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU EMAIL DETAILS ON : Regards, JOHN PETERS Secret Shopper®

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SCAM ALERT: Evaluation Shopper (justwilly74 aka bunniebug)

Evaluation Shopper SCAM ALERT

Name: “Evaluation shopper”  Email Address: (Justwilly74) Reply Address: X-Originating-IP:[]

Received:   from (IP may be forged by CGI script) by with HTTP id 0XxpuM-1SyjKU1bmQ-00JJnM; Sat, 29 Sep 2012 22:12:28 +0200

Subject: Earn $500 as an Evaluation shopper in your area.

Email: Work as an Evaluation shopper and earn $500 weekly reply if interested.

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Job Scam “Annalisa” A.k.a ” Barrister Bernard OBI ” A.k.a ” Kembo009 ”

Lol, I guess Annalisa didn’t like me telling her to get a real job. She sent me another email today, under the address: with a fake job posting. Be careful however, she had it look like ”craigslist” was sending the email ( ) but she doesn’t realize that i’m smarter then her and can trace her down on any email she attempts to contact me on. Plus the reply email was the kelmo email I provided above. – kelmo009
Name: Annalisa aka Barrister Bernard OBI aka”Craigslist”
Email: (analonzo090) aka aka – The same weasel, different day, different type of scam.
IP: (Google IP address showed me this scammer also goes by the name ” Barrister Bernard obi ” using the email and this Nigerian scammer is pretending to be a personal attorney who looking for a ”partner” for funds valued at $4,500,000 (USD)
We got your resume and email from CRAIGSLIST and we’ll like to offer you a Job with our Company after thorough review of your resume.
PRUDENT POLLS LLC is a well established Evaluating Firm, Our Primary Business is to provide exceptional Customer Service Evaluation. Our company is solely responsible for hiring survey agents and recommending them to our Clients. The clients are companies that have a wide network of businesses across America, most of our clients have retail outlet in major cities across America. What your job (Survey Agent’s Position) entails is to conduct surveys at any of our client’s retail outlet assigned to you. you will be patronizing their business and conducting a survey at the same time which mostly is in regards to the customer relationship their staffs offer.
We will therefore like to offer you the job position as a survey Agent to conduct customer service surveys in your area.
Your Job will involve you providing feedback to us about the customer experience at any client’s locations. Companies use this survey for many reasons. During a typical survey session, you will make observations at a specific store/office, restaurant, or other type of location, while acting like an average customer.
A typical survey report will include
1) How long it took you to get services. 2) Smartness of the attendant 3) Customer service professionalism
Most companies employ our expertise when people give complaints about their services, or when they feel there are needs for them to improve their customer service. Your Identity would be kept confidential as a safety measure. You will receive $400 on each survey you conduct at any time for any of our clients, and with the number of clients we currently work with, you could be conducting as much as 5-10 surveys weekly, which will earn you between $1200-$2400 weekly. That means you can earn about $78,000/year doing part time.
Our clients include:
McDonalds Starbucks Dunkin’ Donuts Washington Mutual ACME Check Cashing Chase Financial Walmart MoneyGram America Victoria’s Secret Dell America Western Union America FTD Florists
No commitment is involved, no start up fees, no paper works, and you would have flexible working hours.
If you are interested, email me your full name, address and phone number, so that we can add your mailing address to our Regional database.
First name. Last name. Address ….(No P.O Box) City, State, Zip Code Cell phone Only.
Once we receive this information and confirm your interest, we will introduce you to our clients immediately.
A swift acknowledgment of this email will be appreciated.Warm Regards,

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