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NOTE: This scammer (or group of scammers) have been spamming me with fake lottery emails for months. I must have well over 2 dozen email-addresses and IP-addresses from the same scammer but it is hard to keep up so I post many of their emails in a new post. They have continued to change the amount ‘owed’ and now they’re trying a different scam tactic.

NEVER ship money to anybody you don’t know personally. Also, never cash any checks sent to you from unidentified online users.)



Attn Friend
DATE: 17 -12-2012
Be informed that all the fees you are surposed to pay before receiving your contract fund have been waived off. You are to contact DR YARADU IWU ASST GOVERNOR (CBN) email only for your processing fee and he will transfer your contract fund to you immediately. No other charges except the processing fee. Your PASSCODE is: 999-035-2655 ( Fund Transfer confirmation same day).You have no other payment to make except the processing fee. Your Payment will be through Electronic Telegraphic Transfer.
This is newly introduced system of payment by the Central Bank of Nigeria to avoid experiences of incessant fraud, illegal extortion of money from Contractors and to enhance transparency. WHEN YOUR FUND IS TRANSMITTED, DR YARADU IWU ASST GOVERNOR (CBN) WILL INFORM YOU AND YOU APPLY THE PASSCODE AS DIRECTED AND INSTANTLY, YOUR ACCOUNT WILL BE CREDITED AND YOU MOVE TO YOUR BANK. You will only apply the passcode when you have paid your processing fee because for now, it is still invalid until your fund is transmitted. You can try the guideline as instance: * With your digital phone dial our bank access code: 23413423100 followed by, then enter your Account number followed by #, at a voice prompt enter your passcode and # and you will be credited.
(This will be when your fund has been transmitted) BUT TRY IT NOW.Contact me if there is any delay from the so called gentleman incharge. Any other contact or payment you make apart from the processing fee is at your own risk.Be informed that so many unauthorized individuals do parade themselves as our officials and impose bogus bills on our contractors with their syndicates home and abroad. Take precautionary measure henceforth. You have been notified.


(1) Full names……………………. …………
(2) Private phone number………………..
(3) Bank infromation …………………..
(4) Current residential address…………
(5) Occupation……………….. ……………..
(6) Age and Sex……………………… ……..
Yours faithfully,

Barrister grace.richard


Return-Path: <>
Received-SPF: none (domain of does not designate permitted sender hosts)
X-YMailISG: .amxTlgWLDsskJLwL22SbC.qlamHy7RIlkiDTe03HqwYipYD ID3I5iS0jtT3A_awcpmwrXOP2BZ8nf7UA9Zho_gFkuragClY6s2EO1oW0Q1_ qMAO1LIfmfJ4_mnV_zMmUjfzto.mz3HrLQ7is4Oy4J4KDBT7pp7JVfB6kp2D 68V7KeM14H3Osx_MZOGs_9D.vrWnwXHBZwkAevgaq3YQReEhIpED3dWKdiN4 GFWjNX_vnheMNyIixnnDHpV19o0NfL.POhol7XDYh2zj.7Sm8Bk7LJrZm463 6EMuFdllTIY9rXyGmd9aP_pH6fMPokSqF3YwiaJ5Id1CrQDfG1ZVmTyn0GWi KVJkhRLJkxwe4VwK62eCl2hnjff7tp48tJd94WzG7nP8ZK4KlZGHpQx5zz4H ndtBGZUQWNjznMh47h1RhwZYYRVCTLi8tG5jQDGigL8_TZKQFKpQmxjmJmhS 1zEwe5iNUBtydxLWUTaEgvmAGqa1h4048q_QqxghgfrKccoE2inZfxWfOpcr wTC.pxWbaM3RlhUN2lM4VqhnjdU7LCBdbJeY8pXgG1jUqS9UyiuM0XYGE5S6 l7ql5LeLCR97gKT2DUtoIS7wBICFgxbGLFiUtAz5J3jl5GfqIk2UDnNghgSE V3xUHTcfREz9awPmPXRE2KuxtWSs4JowgjA3BR6F.xrjn_rNGCySObW0ICsd 9jZnuENYtENC2_jHYYv.o4vccUNZRIFR8vMbQjeX0Wbv9d0DVb6Nz.KvCDQ1 4XyFcPCt0loJ9EhUp04Z5jXPCfae8cOIdK8kXHYkod3FQLT6x78Rv_wScYnb c5Gr1MLN4zyDLsVWUFkAtDYdSLazNRbGNSONFdt67VSPHbROINFHUd7RkFA8 rJj8gsAkM1ttTDYiNdmnljucpdhshisFKDfXSr32txpWKYmCVeqUPFlznMTQ p0aB5.5Fwnmt2.Vn43eBCW.2CWoTNx49YR.N9zi4ZHIznVvR.89nigUUWZIo ULR6kcOcqzE92sH9KrcI9hMHNvLv5bMAJlmRTwRcxU6nhFmShVDWfprk9HqE pafQE_0vfI2Uy1npKrcCDhhA.XQ8uKs3LNFEItmJRuLWXMBd20F38AuHnD9s ujCGJtk0FUFuk0rr_Gx9.Q5tqLbR84xB0jkmYbgC4TwI9NoxyE4YDPMuINRB wVwA_g4it3jkAr49M8p1GjqnT.DuPVSU9jxSgjtmqxj3mnWcG93EbCOHsMBf b00m3_wuGozIX3uhBy_Ma6Hq2zGaLspA8zS7YIztoYdPwU44Nkn0bOEEnTAq Wzu5Xdbqpqna2O7a18WhYllXYCoY43lX2K5LmUGlqbXaZig7TMBNQI5qz3yS uX__j_pB14r_TWUoShsxbhKXGD43SszgBcrje8NgZeiKu5NwMW_z.sJp9cjE E1I0bxr2ywMOdWK51j.KmOJJX7UX0Jlmi1cY2Fmfg4uPz35hdhQHPmu9R3Wt xLkD9j9Bg_byhi6TYldfcFbXKsGrteEqFi_Hq2bHJbd4aoamFVa0FvoiKriq njN12uBoBqw-
X-Originating-IP: []
Authentication-Results:; domainkeys=neutral (no sig);; dkim=neutral (no sig)
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Received: from ([]:4173 helo=User) by with esmtpa (Exim 4.80) (envelope-from <>) id 1Tm2Vq-0005bN-9G; Fri, 21 Dec 2012 16:19:42 +0300
Reply-To: <>
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FROM: “grace.richard” <> RETURN-ADDRESS: REPLY-ADDRESS: – –

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